Community | Meme
LGBT | Meme
Server for anyone in the LGBT+ community to join and hang out :)
Community | Social
we are a fvmily
Furry | Community
A server dedicated to rodents/ Furry rodents to meet people who you might enjoy talking to and become friends, all while maintaining a good environment.
Small pet server for owners and animal lovers. All pets welcome.
Gaming | Community
This server is for Laboratz fans and perhaps we will do something great together. We'll see how that goes.
Beliefs | LGBT
========================RaT sQuAd======================== A dumbass server created by me that was kind of a joke but is now less a joke now Currently at war with frog squad (eww) war is in a separate server if you don't want to see pings about war lots of different channels including a sort of danplan server style performing section to sing and play music etc super chill and looking for more RATS definitely sort of a cult that worships Rativus Maximus LGBTQ+ friendly (most the mods/admins are LGBTQ+) definitely just very dumb lots of dumb bots
Community | YouTuber
join our Flamingo group, there's lots you can do!
Anime | Meme
hey welcome to our server! we mostly talk about danganronpa (usually kokichi rat) and we have many memes in store. if you’re interested in both of those topics, then this is the server for you! we also rp.
Community | Meme
We are a friendly rat-related community!🐀 We have: - Giveaways - Memes - Public Chats - Amazing Bots!
Community | Gaming
A very good rat's only server, there is a lot of rats in here, join us for the rat party