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hello, you've found TechNoir! We are a relatively new server and as you can see very little members are present in TechNoir, but you can change that by joining and giving our server a try :) we'd appreciate it. Thanks! (more info in server)
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A welcome server for all. Game server hosting. Music, games, bots and reaction roles
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Hi, welcome to Luxury Paradise! We are a new chill & chat server! - We have a couple of voice and text channels which you can use to connect and talk to people including a gaming & memes chat. - A very active Owner-Manager which you can contact 24/7 if you need help, or anything else. - A great leveling system based on your activity. (Level roles will be added to your profile) - We have a self promotion channel - Here, you can advertise your social medias such as instagram, snapchats, twitter, twitch, youtube etc etc! - Open for suggestions. Contact R3dfield#7156 - Music bot to listen to music. - Customized emojis to use (Still working on this) - Toxic-free - Members annoying others, breaking rules or anything in any bad way will be punished by the Manager/Administrators - A very quick verify system. (this gives you Verified role) Join us and let's grow together! INVITE LINK::