A CG/L server for all to join and be themselves, we are a small community trying to grow but keep that small server vibe
Hello Everyone! This is a 100% sfw pet regression server! What we have to offer: -A friendly aesthetic -A experienced and friendly staff -60+ channels -Self assignable roles -Color roles -A fun birthday bot -Pluralkit for system memebers And more!!! Come and join us!
This is an age and pet regression daycare based in a discord server! We are a 100% sfw daycare (must be 16+ to join, system littles are also welcome) What we have to offer: A tight-knit and safe, loving environment to make new friends 50+ channels, most of which are fun and specific chatting zones Fun activities such as daily Q&As, show and tell, etc. There is also channels to find platonic caregivers and siblings! (we’re also working on collecting some unique emojis for the server) Though this is not everything. Join and find out what else we have! Caregivers are also encouraged to join!