Role-Playing | Community
We are discussion based server with elements of RP added in. We're a friendly community that discusses the Roman Civilization, along with other historical era topics. We also set up role-play events throughout the Roman period that everyone can participate in and immerse themselves in.
Community | Gaming
A fresh and new community thats looking for new members! we have a roman themed feel, and we are looking for some experienced bot users to moderate our bots! We strive to grow, and to provide our users with a family like atmosphere! Join us!
Meme | Community
Based on making jokes and memes on events in history and cultures in the modern world.
Sports | Social
Next up, WWE Extreme Rulesand AEW Fight for the Fallen! Join for great discussions about wrestling, sports, music, video games, politics, life! We are a chill community! We have giveaways, jukebox, trivia, WRESTLING OBSERVER LIVE!
Gaming | Role-Playing
An EU4 discord with a fun Roman theme which hosts organized games.
Role-Playing | Political
The Suebi Kingdom is a community of a mock government with the mix of rp, history and geography. We welcome everyone into the kingdom and we give you the oppurtunity of being part of something bigger.