70 AD is a dueling server which serves all faiths to face each other as one must understand who is the most true. As the turning point from the siege of Jerusalem has set precedence for prophecy, so must all faiths begin to understand the inception of God and his decree for this world. All of whom reject this decree will face the Serpent. The Serpent being unforgiving will leave one astray to rediscover the lost treasures of our history. Many will fall, but few will return.
Welcome to the Solis Imperium! We are a community of people who just like to hang out with any other good fellow on Discord! This is a Roman Empire themed server, from the name, until all the smallest bits and pieces of this server! What we have at the moment: -Very nice, friendly, and accepting people -Useful/Helpful staff -Art channel -Writing channel -Animations channel -Chat and voice channels
A fresh and new community thats looking for new members! we have a roman themed feel, and we are looking for some experienced bot users to moderate our bots! We strive to grow, and to provide our users with a family like atmosphere! Join us!
Based on making jokes and memes on events in history and cultures in the modern world.
Next up, WWE Extreme Rulesand AEW Fight for the Fallen! Join for great discussions about wrestling, sports, music, video games, politics, life! We are a chill community! We have giveaways, jukebox, trivia, WRESTLING OBSERVER LIVE!
We are a server focused on mythology. We cover Japanese, Aztec, Greek, Celtic, Norse, Egyptian, Roman, Hindu, Chinese mythology. If you do not see one you like, please join and suggest it!