Smoothi is a Minecraft themed discord server were you can play with our minecraft bots, talk with the community, share builds, servers and more! Or just come and hang out and make friends for you to play with, The server features lots of fun bots, cool funky roles and lots of voice channels and norm
🌈 lgbtq+ safe space! you are safe here. 🏳️‍🌈 🌕 please read our rules! 🌖 mostly minors, but all ages are welcome 🌗 intros are required for entry 😤 🌘 trolls will be banned asap 🌑 nsfw content is not allowed, take it to dms! 🌒 member goals = special events unlocked (movie nights, mod role openings, etc.) 🌓 vent channels are available at any time 💕 🌔 allies are welcome! 🌕 make yourself at home!
Friends For Health is a mental health support server focused on sharing our problems with others and making new friends! We support all problems and disorders and LGBTQ+. We have support text and voice channels and members who would love to help you out! We're a brand new server and glad to have new members! We currently feature: 👮 Good Security 📛 Self-Assignable Roles 💬 General and topic chats 🎆 Events to find friends and gain cool rewards ⬆️ A leveling system with rewards based on activity 🆘 Support chats and dedicated supporters 👋 Friendly members and staff With more to come in the future! We hope you can feel safe and find some friends in Friends For Health!
Hello my name is Ori and I'm an owner on this server. I run it alongside Rika the co-owner. We are a friendly server. Our goal is to have a safe space for everyone. We are 16+ so sorry underaged this server isn't for you! We offer many things on this server like: Fun chats Verification Catfish protection Safe Spaces Helpful Staff A Degenerate Zone for the 18+ GnD for Fellow Lovers of DND
This server is for fans of Danganronpa to connect and RP. Please be respectful of others.
We are a community server about peace, kindness, and friendship. Come as you are.
Clout Cafe is an advertising cafe! Free, hourly self promotion along with calming aesthetics, a welcoming, friendly & SFW environment and a safe place for everyone.
gaming based server that welcomes anyone and holds giveaways and events every week.
A loving server for people who enjoy G/t and vore.
hello!! flower is a complete safe zone for anyone and everyone. we're a new server so come join <3