A new and friendly server! We're continuing to making changes to the server to fit everyones tastes!
Furry | Community | Role-Playing
Hey there and welcome to the Sanctuary, a furry server based on the different seasons! We're a new, fun and active, currently spring themed server for furries and lgbtq+ people alike! Some of the things we offer in the server include: An active and welcoming community! 🤗 Weekly fun events decided by you, the members! 🎉 Our own server bot that takes care of the shop, economy and level rewards! Secure welcome and verification systems! ❤️ A ton of furry related emojis! 🎈 Democratic voting process which all server changes goes through! 🗳️ Seasonally themed level roles to show off your activity and reputation! 🎭 Seasonally themed activity-based currency and economy system that allows members to get anything from custom name colours, roles, privileges, and even game codes and discord nitro! 💰 Active SFW and NSFW sections! 🔞 Easy to set up optional roles via reactions! 🐾 MEMES 🔥