Anime | Community
Do you like shoujo anime and manga? Precure? Aikatsu? Are you a gay weeb? Do you like fun and casual chats? This is the place for you! Let's make this the most fabulous Discord server ever!
Anime | Hobbies
A close knit community centered around the Japanese franchise Pretty Cure. We also have channels for anime, video games, Pokemon, and toku!
Anime | Community
We love shoujo manga. Free legal shoujo and sexy anime bois. The only good shoujo server. Josei, Yaoi, Fujoshi, etc.
Server to discuss shoujo isekai manga and anime
Anime | Gaming
Otome World is a Server dedicated to Otome Games. It is a place to discuss, talk and recommend Otome games for people who are interested or want to gain further knowledge of this topic. Its still a small server, so if you like to see it grow bit by bit, just join :)