Hangout server welcoming everyone! We don't care as long as you follow the rules :)
Let's meet new people and chellow togethah.
We are a brand new community. Come join and just chat with other people. Plan and simple!
Bonjour/Bonsoir 》 Tu en à marre de faire des serveurs à la main ?? 》Tu cherche une solution et la plus rapide ?? **J'ai la solution !!** ```Voici un bot qui peux faire ton serveur à ta place avec une seul et unique commande !!```
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🌼 [Social Community] LEARN ABOUT FLORISTRY I aim to make this place open to both genders offering a chill space to just socialize~ 🌸 colour roles 🌸 Simplistic 🌸 Open for anyone willing to become a mod & help out 🌸 Some minimal emojis -- requests welcome 🌸 Flower of the week channel 🌸 Music bot present 🌼 Owner of server is on AEST; UTC+10:00 (time)
A Friendly Community!
epic discord server that has nitro boost. Family guy role play also
A server with only whats necessary to not overwhelm the users.
Simple and easy discord server and social media advertising platform.
This is a community discord where we come here and have a good time and chill, play video games, watch videos, share memes, and more. There aren't many rules and we just wanna have a good time and have a drama free atmosphere. Some of you know me and some of you don't but if your not an asshole you're welcome here. Simple server, not too many chat rooms, not too many bots, and just fun
Fun Server to Meet Some Great People, Listen to Music and Chat!
we have ppl that u can talk to !!!
This RP is 18+ and takes place in the Commonwealth (Fallout 4 setting). All events happen before the wanderer wakes up, but after the baby is taken. There are some homebrew locations added, such as vault 109. You cannot play a character that already exists in the game (ex. Hancock). We use the fallout PnP SIMPLE system but you do not need to completely fill out a character sheet to participate in RP. There are two types of RP, Casual and DM managed. To participate in Casual RP all you need to fill out is Appearance and Biography. To participate in DM Managed you need to have a completed character sheet.
a tiny bit toxic
A hangout for all.
Do you look for a no bullshit server to be whatever you want to be? Looking for a diverse community of weebs, gamers, tech enthusiasts and memelords? Look no further!