Meme | Community
Hello comrade this is not a server that is like ooo soviet union the best but we do it for the memes aight? we are against furries (we don’t raid them tho) we only spy on them for fun sometimes anyways its just a friendly small server where we talk ;D pls join you wont regret it comrade you can apply for staff by messaging the owner in dms
Community | Emoji
Welcome to the Soviet Emoji Server! Here we currently have a 100 emojis (50 normal, 50 animated) and we'll upload a lot more when we get more boosts. We have chat rooms to socialize and it's a completely friendly + safe environment. Our community is a SFW place, and has strict moderation for safe keeping. We do not tolerate Racism, Homophobia, or disrespect. We have Soviet, Slav, Wartime and meme emojis. The server has a modern + cold war type of theme and we are looking to improve. We'll be looking forward to meeting new people and making a lot of new friends. See you on the battle field comrade.
Meme | Gaming
To the glories Russia this sever is to relax from a hard day of whatever. Come in and relax or make some new comrades. We have slavs and gopniks, hard bass as well. Bring your friends along!
Social | Meme
Slavs unite! Join our slavic Discord server to talk and learn from other slavs about slavic cultures, languages, news, or anything else. Also we love memes. But is it meme or meme? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Community | Language
This server aims to connect all slavs from across the world and to serve as an official hub for communication between all slavs.
Community | Gaming
Chcel by som vás zoznámiť s mojím serverom kde aktuálne nájdete: :robot: 1. ¦ Dobre nastavených botov. :slot_machine: 2. ¦ Najdete na mojom serveri 10+ minihier. :rofl: 3. ¦ Veľa memes. :bell: 4. ¦ Aktívny A-Team a Owner. :busts_in_silhouette: 5. ¦ Super komunita s ktorou sa nemôžeš nudiť. A veľa ďalšieho, navštív tento server ešte dnes! | | | V V V