Community | Language
A Slavic server made by the true og's of Slavic discord, and ex-admins of once popular Slavic World.
Community | Gaming
Come slav come all, Grab your best bottle of vodka and your biggest ushanka, and join That Slav House you've always wanted to visit!
Language | Community
A server to help in the learning of any of the three Baltic languages, including Latvian, Lithuanian and Latgalian
Community | Meme
The USSR Military Base and Beliefs of Our Russian Lord.
Social | Meme
Slavs unite! Join our slavic Discord server to talk and learn from other slavs about slavic cultures, languages, news, or anything else. Also we love memes. But is it meme or meme? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Community | Language
This server aims to connect all slavs from across the world and to serve as an official hub for communication between all slavs.