Servidor para socialização, jogar e diversão em geral.
Welcome to Vex's Grave Stone, This server is a general socialization server, the purpose of this server is to create a nice, tightly knit community where you can talk with people, make friends, and join in on some of our events
Town of Socialization is a brand new Discord server. When you're here, you can make friends, get to know people, try contests, get roles, and so much more! All you have to do it join!
A fun, cool gaming community (or just a community for anyone to chill). Just starting out this server. Very small at the moment, but will grow!! We have several gaming roles, meaning gamers unite, and will take in requests!
welcome to ky’s lounge! where you can chill, relax, socialize, and meet new people! join now to become a part of the community ❤️