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Entertainment | Community
Lemons Frying Pan started as a very small "friends of friends" place and is still thought as that even when going public. We're basically a wholesome, inclusive space to hang out, play games etc.
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✩∾ 𝒲𝑒𝓁𝒸𝑜𝓂𝑒 𝓉𝑜 𝒹𝒾𝓋𝒾𝓃𝒾𝓉𝓎 ∾✩ 🌼 Non toxic gaming server :) 🔸 Supports all games and a big player base in League of legends! 🥰 Active/including community <3 ✨ self assignable game and self roles! 📸 Movie nights where everyone choses the movies. 🏵 Lots of channels dedicated to different things, such as a meme channel. 🎉 custom games and tournaments for everyone to enter! We’re looking forward to you joining us and we hope you enjoy your stay!
The Kingdom Icon
Anime | Gaming
We are a group of friends looking for more people to join and play games with.
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Community | Entertainment
-Social Events (movie nights, games, etc.) -Giveaways -A fun community -much more!
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Community | Social
welcome to Oil Lounge! we’re a small, friendly, fast-growing community. Our server features: •Pokécord •Music Bots •Weekly Games/Movie night •Active Members •Active Mods Join our server if you’re looking for (friendships/gaming/whatever)!
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Community | Social | Meme
Midnight bunker is a server where anyone is welcomed. We are mainly just a server for chatting and making friends, we host weekly movie nights and other cool evens. Our server features custom bots, currency, roles, a shop and great aesthetics! Join today! ✔ Relaxed staff ✔ Hardly any rules ✔ Looking for staff ✔ Events ✔ A E S T H E T I C S ✔ Gambling
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Community | Social
Book club! We Pick a book with a movie based on it,Then each night we listen to a chapter of the audio book together live! We've got channels for discussing while watching and listening. Come hang out, meet new friends! Currently going through the Harry Potter books.
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Gaming | Social
Fabbot Federation is full of memes, League of Legends, Minecraft, and Roblox players, with a nice staff and community, along with game and movie nights!
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Anime | Gaming
This server is meant for lovers of Anime, Webtoons, Video Games, Streamers, Manga, and Movie Nights. We have Movie Nights every Saturday Game Nights Mile stone giveaways
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Entertainment | Community
Welcome to 'The Horror Within', an 18+ community that is a friendly, chill and mature place to discuss all things horror. 💀 Channels for all types of media. 💀 Automated horror news and content feed. 💀 Frequent events and in-depth discussions 💀 Movie Nights & Film Roulette. 💀 Level roles (MEE6) and elective club roles. 💀 Active, accountable and fair staff.
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Anime | Gaming
People in this community play a variety of different games and are always open to playing new ones, top played games are Valorant, League of Legends, COD, Fortnite and R6S, so if you are looking to build on friends in the online gaming community 100% join.
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Gaming | Community
A hangout server for gaming, RP, Music, etc,
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Technology | Programming
Hangout with cool developers chat about errors and more ask for help and watch movies with eachother create a private VC and chat with your development team ask people if they want to join your team HAVE FUN. -Movie nights -Monthly developer challenges -Friendly community -Dev chats -Tutorial Sharing -giveaways --Dm for trial mod application https://discord.gg/7g26Shy
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Social | eSports
Join Pluto Gaming today! We have plenty of VC's and chat's to chat with eachother Our server is a place you can meet new friends and chill with people, and we have active staff. We can help, we are just a small server but hope to grow, we do not care how many we are we just want a place to relax meet meet play chat. We host tournaments, movie nights, gaming nights etc...
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Gaming | Social
GameZ! A place for you to establish some good friendships. The main bunch of people here are fairy active and have gotten to know each other fairly well. We'd be happy to have you join us! Feel free to play games with us or just come hang out! Were all goofy and kind of silly!
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Entertainment | Community
Movie nights, karaoke, voice impressions, gaming, Mario party, CRYING. SAD BOY HOURS. let us love you
Discord World Record Attempt Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
This server is trying to get the World record which fortnite has right now we offer alot of things.
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Community | Social
A Worldwide community of Star Wars enthusiasts. We host movie nights , giveaways and more ! There is a lot to do - Chat , Level up roles , get community helper role , unlock perks , etc
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Community | Gaming
Doc’s Hospital is a brand-new community server that revolves around making new friends, hanging out, gaming, movie nights, and so much more. We have a growing arsenal of bots for leveling, music sessions, movie recommendations, and more to come. We are always open to suggestions so don’t be shy and contact the server owner Doc, or any of the Mods! There are friendly faces to greet you and we always accept new people in our community. -Accepting community, always allowing new members to embed themselves in the server -Giveaways in the near future -Custom scrims in Val, COD -Custom roles -Movie Nights! - Gain permission from server staff to host or advertise your own movie night sessions -Relaxed community We want YOU to come join us today!
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Community | Entertainment
꒰🥔꒱ Potatoville‧₊˚ Forever Divine, rings the potato chime...🎐 It calls YOU to join us for eons of fun time! 🥔 ʚWhat we offer ‧₊˚ ꒰ · 🍤 chill + friendly members ꒰ · 🍰 non-toxic + wholesome community ꒰ · 🎀 potato-themed + aes layout ꒰ · 🍡 many weebs + potterheads ꒰ · 🎮 many gamers + game nights! ꒰ · 🤖 many awesome bots + lots of emojis! ꒰ · 🎥 riddle event + movie night ꒰ · 🍒 active help + venting ︶꒦︶︶꒷꒦︶꒦︶︶꒷︶꒦︶︶꒷꒷꒦
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Community | Social
Helloo! We can be really chill, but this server is usually constant horny chaos and random conversations. We host movie nights and are overall a really active and welcoming server, hope to see you around!
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Gaming | YouTuber
Heya!! This is a gaming community where you all can join, talk with others and moreover, this community is dedicated to the YouTube channel Nodybuddy. If you're a content creator and if you wish to promote your channel or videos or you need someone to game with you should definitely join! We are soon starting gaming nights and movie nights and we are as well in need of Staff, so If you're the one who can fill up the gaps, why not join the YouTube community and let's all play, watch and enjoy together!