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We are an ACNH based server with a very friendly community, we aim to give everyone chill vibes when they join. We host weekly giveaways, events & more!
Anime | Community
Welcoming community 🌱 Reaction roles 🌱 Movie nights 🌱 Server games 🌱 Discussions on anime, manga, and video games 🌱 Art share 🌱 Supportive atmosphere
eSports | Community
Aethra Esports is a Dutch esports organization currently competing in diffferent games
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welcome to Oil Lounge! we’re a small, friendly, fast-growing community. Our server features: •Pokécord •Music Bots •Weekly Games/Movie night •Active Members •Active Mods Join our server if you’re looking for (friendships/gaming/whatever)!
Community | Social | Meme
Midnight bunker is a server where anyone is welcomed. We are mainly just a server for chatting and making friends, we host weekly movie nights and other cool evens. Our server features custom bots, currency, roles, a shop and great aesthetics! Join today! ✔ Relaxed staff ✔ Hardly any rules ✔ Looking for staff ✔ Events ✔ A E S T H E T I C S ✔ Gambling
Entertainment | Community
Welcome to The Filmmaker's Cantina! This is a small community, where you can talk about film and television that you've seen or created!
Entertainment | Music
Movies are expensive and cost a lot for something you are only going to watch once or twice. Why pay for a bunch of movies when you could join us instead for movie nights consisting of a range of movies from our collection. Join us for: Free movie nights Unlimited access to our movies / shows / songs by boosting or contributing Private library to host all your content Growing library of content from generous members Positive community members
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Book club! We Pick a book with a movie based on it,Then each night we listen to a chapter of the audio book together live! We've got channels for discussing while watching and listening. Come hang out, meet new friends! Currently going through the Harry Potter books.
Social | Gaming
join if you're looking for some new and cool people to meet and be friends with also we offer so many more things in the server
Social | Gaming
join if you're looking for some new and cool people to meet and be friends with also we offer so many more things in the server
Meme | eSports
Fun friend group that is very competitive.
Anime | Community
GIVEAWAY GOING ON RIGHT NOW | $10 CASHAPP / 3 NITROS (24hrs) The Universe is a new hangout server, where you can meet new people, enter giveaways, competitions and so much more! We occasionally host giveaways and staff applications are open regularly! Join our chill community today. B)
Community | Entertainment
Basically this is just a Vibe server, come on in and chill out for a while and get away from Discord toxicity.
Gaming | Growth
We are a growing Community server that has various people; from gamers to weebs to people who are looking for friends.
Meme | Gaming
New server created to meet some people and get to socialize a bit for a change. Come talk about games, music, movies, or whatever you'd like.
Entertainment | Social
Chill environment where you can meet new people and hangout.
Anime | Art
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♡ welcome to ✞Hot Grills For Sale✞ <3!!!!! ♡ Are you looking for an active community with cute aesthetics? Why don’t you join our server then? cherry_blossom We offer: ╭─────────── cherry_blossom | • love and affection (´-ω-`) | • new friendships~ | • game and movie nights! | • a place to talk about your interests~ | • girl problems to help you with uwu~ | • partnerships~ ╰─────────────── cherry_blossom what are you waiting for? come and join our server!! <33 ---------------------------------------------------------