Midnight bunker is a server where anyone is welcomed. We are mainly just a server for chatting and making friends, we host weekly movie nights and other cool evens. Our server features custom bots, currency, roles, a shop and great aesthetics! Join today! ✔ Relaxed staff ✔ Hardly any rules ✔ Looking for staff ✔ Events ✔ A E S T H E T I C S ✔ Gambling
Looking for a nice change of pace from the typical Discord servers? Then hop into the Lounge, and join our little family! ^-^
Movies and Filmmaking is the #1 movies discussion discord server. With a variety of community events, expanding community, and custom bots, this is the place to talk film. If you're a filmmaker, we also have opportunities and channels for you to discuss with professional filmmakers and others around the world. If you're even remotely interested in film come check us out.
🍸Sympathy bar🍸 We are a kind community and we strive to make everyone feel included. Our server hosts 🍷Giveaways 🍷Gaming event 🍷Movie nights and a lot more. Nontoxic, active and responsible people will have a high chance of getting into our staff team ^^
We are "Unity". Our task is to unite as many people as we can into our discord server! We have a lot of fun stuff! Daily Streams! Movie Nights! Content Creation(Creating videos with you guys) Giveaways! Also we have 200 emotes (100 gifs and 100 normal ones) Currently almost tier 2 nitro boosts! We shall await your presence!
welcome to Oil Lounge! we’re a small, friendly, fast-growing community. Our server features: •Pokécord •Music Bots •Weekly Games/Movie night •Active Members •Active Mods Join our server if you’re looking for (friendships/gaming/whatever)!