Community | Social
A friendly and active community focused around making close friends, playing games, talking about life and just hanging out with a community of awesome people from all over the world
Gaming | Sports
Here is a server that currently provides: ·A general chat where non GD-players get to talk ·A place to show your memey stuff ·A place to show of your gd creations ·Art channel for those creators ·A starboard, where the funniest messages get posted there ·A place where you can advertise your fabulous severs ·A meme bot, mainly dank memer, ·Daily questions, ·And soon to be, Daily challenges. ·Also tournaments and Game nights (soon) where the best players and creators can match up and compete for some good rewards! Come join us now!
Role-Playing | Writing
Limerence of Life is a server for roleplays! But this server isn’t just a roleplay server, it also includes a loving community, bot games, game nights, and much, much more!
Gaming | Community
Death Throne is a League of Legends group where our main goal is to help everyone climb elo, find teammates, and most importantly have fun😸 Every couple weeks, we host 1v1, 2v2, and 5v5 tournaments, where the winner(s) either get a $10 - $25 gamecard code, or we donate a certain amount of money to non-profit charities. We're trying to become an active community so we're going to be hosting a lot of game nights, movie nights, and group-discussions as well.
Social | LGBT
𝔑𝔬 𝔑𝔞𝔪𝔢 is a new social server ready to grow and improve! It's a friendly community and everyone 13+ is welcome! ✭LGBTQ+ Friendly ✭24/7 VC's ✭Bots ✭Events ✭Game Nights ✭All Genders
Community | Entertainment
Hello! I own a server called The Cookie Box! We have a small but amazing community that I hope will grow into a big and awesome one. The server consists of: • A small, but fun community to have some fun with • Fun roles to customize yourself with • Roleplays that you can join whenever • Bots for activities such as Music and Games • Fun and Unique Mafia Games amongst fellow members that you can spectate or participate in • Faction games every Autumn Season • Game Nights We’d love to to see you over at The Cookie Box!
Community | Social
Cord's Hangout is an incredible new server which features; MUSIC GIVEAWAYS GAME NIGHTS A FRIENDLY COMMUNITY ANIME INCREDIBLE STAFF ACTIVE VOICE AND TEXT CHANNELS Formerly known as Flix Movies, deleted at 120 members. Come join us today! What are you waiting for?
Community | Entertainment
Basically this is just a Vibe server, come on in and chill out for a while and get away from Discord toxicity.
Community | Gaming
Welcome to Time Rift! Time Rift is a community/gaming Discord. We offer - A Minecraft server -A vanilla 1.4 Terraria server -Multiple text games -A friendly an active community
Community | Gaming
Come join our Community!!!! NON toxic environment 50+ members Fun community with great people to get to know We host game nights almost every other Friday E.S.T We have gaming channels where u can discuss games or request a squad for that game Those games include CSGO, FORTNITE, ROBLOX, COD, and MINECRAFT We also have movie nights where we sit around, watch a movie, and make fun of it if we're in the mood There's also giveaways where u can win your own custom role We also advertise for youtubers if u want to advertise ur videos Hey you. Over here. Come on join the C.T.C.B (chatting to cure boredom). Theres so much to do and so much to talk about. So, if ur smart you'll join our community. We're glad to have you. Katchow
Gaming | Social
Fabbot Federation is full of memes, League of Legends, Minecraft, and Roblox players, with a nice staff and community, along with game and movie nights!
Gaming | Community | Entertainment
A friendly', chill gaming community with all the above. We stay indoors gaming all day long during and after this quarantine period. 🎮 Game nights = Rewards! Giveaways too!
Anime | Gaming
A chill, on the low server, to socialize with people, laugh, and enjoy your nights with different game nights every time, hopefully, the server will have a wholesome environment altogether.
Gaming | Meme
We host game nights a few times a week on Roblox and sometimes Minecraft! There are also plenty of memes to go around. Active gamers looking for a party, gaming shenanigans, etc. Our games as of now are Roblox and Minecraft, we raid on Roblox as frogs. If we don't respond, we're offline.
This server is just for having fun and meeting new people. We might have game nights in Roblox. You can curse but some words aren't allowed. If your gonna join thank you and have fun!