Art | Gaming
As a small youtuber/streamer myself, I know how hard it can be to find other content creators to chat, share ideas and mingle with. So, instead of finding a solution to that problem, I decided to make my own!
Music | Art
Noise music server and noise making playground
Music | YouTuber
A channel for an up incoming rapper were we post snippets and unreleased music. We put a lot of time into our server and are always online. our goal is 100 + members and a level 3 boosted server.
Music | YouTuber
A newfound server aiming at independent artists that are NOT yet established. This server aims to provide resources, potential collaborations between members, and advertising!
Music | Community
˚ . *   KHH/KRNB COTERIE ✦ .  ⁺   .⁺    Welcome onboard to our KHH/KRNB COTERIE! Where we jam and talk about sc underrated khh/krnb songs. Here you got a first-hand sneak-peak into artist's upcoming songs (if they want to talk abt it teehee). Grab a piece of cake, a cup of coffee and enjoy your stay! (:ramen:). ✿ WHAT WE OFFER ‧ ✩ * ◦• a welcoming community ◦• first-hand sneak-peak into sc artist's upcoming songs (if they want to talk abt it teehee) ◦• self assignable roles ◦• game night/movie night ◦• partnership ◦• discussion & get to know each other more ◦• kind members and staffs
Music | Entertainment
YouTube: PURRPTV (360k SUBS)
Art | Music
music, films, arthouse, avant-garde, ambient, soundcloud, connecting with others 💫
YouTuber | Support
Are you a... - YouTuber - Musician - Artist - Writer - Or any other creative kind of bean? You should probably join the Creative Randoms. We are a community of all of the above things. Together, we share our work, get feedback, and talk about what we want to do with our creations. Most importantly, we hang out. Come join a casual server, and get some feedback on your projects!
Music | Meme
A server where we talk about shit in the underground. Come in and meet new people!
Music | Gaming
Music promotion, producers, artist, edm, rap, dj, music.
Music | Art
Talk and hang out with Cosmic Domination and Cosmic Music.
Music | Anime | Community
active people thats into anime, music, gaming . Starting new bonds wiith awesome people. ^_^ / . u wont be disappointed i swear . we open to everyone :)
Music | Entertainment
A broad server striving to connect fellow artists, producers and other talents with one another and help them gain the promotion they seek.
Music | Community
Come join the official No Jumper discord!
Music | Technology
Audius ( is a new decentralized & open-source evolution on Soundcloud that will forever be owned and controlled by its artists, fans, & developers, not a corporation or record labels. It is also the first platform built without the ability to ban your account or remove your tracks. Not to mention... - Highest audio quality of any free streaming platform at 320kbps - No storage limits, full metrics for all, and future artist tools - all free, forever - Discord where you can give feedback directly to the team, find collaborators and new followers, & take part in cyphers Join our Discord :-) We host regular beat battle cyphers in their server with cash prizes and our a super supportive community.
Entertainment | Meme
Like completely terrible servers that are completely awful and shouldn't exist? Join us!
Music | Design
Music | Gaming
public version of lame niggas
Music | Entertainment
We are Hybrid Records i know your wondering what are we, Well we are a new starting Record Label that you can join and promote your Music!