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Mainly for pc setups , pc gaming and support
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Feliratkozás Feliratkozásért. Subscribe For Subscribe.
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Server: J4J🌓Join For Join j4j,join for join,joinforjoin,s4s,sub,s4,subs,s4sub,
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»»──────────✰YouTube's support ✰─────────«« ──────────────✰──────────────── Get your first 1000 subscribers with us We start giveaway 1000 hours watch time First 3 Invites = 10 Subscribers WHAT WE GIVE ♚ | 4000+ Members ♚ | sub4sub and join4join ♚ | Very big community ♚ | YouTube shop ♚ | Big Invites rewards ♚ | Active and Friendly Community ♚ | Plenty of Bots to use ♚ | Giveaways ♚ | Self-Advertising Channel ♚ | Partnerships with many servers ♚ | People of all ages ♚ | Helpful and Reliable Staff ────────────────✰──────────────── ABOUT US This server is meant to be a chill server that was made to allow people to chill out, hang and make new friends, and find other people who have the same interest! Come and join us :) @everyone ────────────────✰────────────────
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Hey! Check out our server We have amazing staff and legit subscribers If you are looking to catch a break and get some subscribers,This is the place for you! We Offer Free Subscribers Giveaways! Awesome Invite Rewards! Free likes Free Views :blue_heart:Looking for partners!:blue_heart: Feel free to Join Us! and Enjoy your stay.
Sub4sub and free subs/views for invites
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Community for self promotion, youtube, sub4sub, follow4follow, like4like, all social media
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💌 Join4Join - 💌 🎉 BIGGEST ADVERTISING CENTRAL 🎉 We are not only a Join4Join and advertise Server, we have: 🆙 Join4Join 🆗 Sub4Sub 🔴 10k+ Users 🎁 Giveaways 💬 Large Community 👍 Advertising 📢 Boost Rewards ℹ️ ticket system ✔️ active & friendly staff You are banned? Get unbanned easily!
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/d/Server - Look for Friends - Play games with others - Advertise - Lots of chats - AFK VC - Looking for Staff - Looking to Partner - J4J, F4F, Sub4Sub
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join for join - j4j server.
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Streamer friendly! Self-Promo welcome! sub4sub f4f.
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Join Unlimited"Youtube Discord Server" -Sub4Sub -View/like/comment -Grow your channel -Enjoy with the community -Multinational World Youtube Server
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Hey! I am a starting YouTuber, in this server you can talk about video suggestions, sub for sub, general stuff, collab, etc. Please join so we can build a big YouTube family that helps each other!! ✌️
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the fastest join4join server!
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What are we? A Youtube Community! What is the difference between us and other YouTube Community's? We have a website: 🔥🔥 ▪︎Views ▪︎Watchtime ▪︎Likes ▪︎Comments ▪︎Subscribers We have a verry active Youtube Community! What is the purpose? ▪︎bring Youtubers together; ▪︎make new friends; ▪︎chat about anything; ▪︎learn from each other. What is our goal? Be the biggest and most helpfull YouTube Community! What can we give you? ▪︎ tips for a successful channel; ▪︎ a place to get feedback; ▪︎ a place to show your creations; ▪︎ members with allot of experience; ▪︎ a great time; ▪︎ exclusive website. What we don't want to be? A place where members just drop a video and ask for views and subs and leave. Do you want to be a part of this? Welcome to the family!🔥
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GET THOUSANDS OF SUBS! OUR MEMBERS GAIN HUNDREDS EVERY DAY. ✨━━BEST YouTube Community: JOIN TODAY!━━✨ - Free ADVICE & COLLABS 🎊 - Free ADVERTISE & GIVEAWAYS! 🎉 - SUB4SUB + REAL VIEWS & WATCHTIME! 💬 - GROW YOUR CHANNEL EASILY.🤖 Welcome to the YouTube Academy! We are the fastest growing YouTube Creators-based server out there. We give amazing feedback to help educate you on your YouTube journey. We support all creators whether it's from Art & GFX, streaming, videos & music, and MORE.
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S4S J4J Sub4Sub Join4Join sub 4 sub sub 2 sub sub2sub sub for sub
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➜ Sub 4 sub ➜ Join 4 Join ➜ Follow 4 follow ➜ Grow fast your channel ➜ All members 700 ➜Server booster get more bonus
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So come on down and join this discord server for all the subs you can get and plenty of memes while you wait!