Gaming | eSports
Welcome to the [EU] Talent Valorant discord server! You can use this server to meet fellow Valorant Enthusiasts! Team up wich each other and share your clutch moments!
Art | Community
Welcome to the Pinnacle of Talent! Here you can share your art, music, writing, or really anything that you create. We also occasionally do contests and other events, such as drawpile! To gain full access to the server, please read #rules-information when you join!* Now included: Weekly contests! check #announcements-news for more info.
Community | Social
Gamers, talent, community. We have it all, but we also have weekly competitions and sometimes large contests that have monetary prizes like discord nitro! Come join and make some friends! <3
Music | Entertainment
𝐃𝐆𝐓 stands for Discord's Got Talent, which means we are searching for the most talented (and non-talented obv) people on Discord to come and compete! Also we're pretty chill so like, come be friends with us. :)
Entertainment | Community
The Official Socials; ~YouTube : ~Twitter :
Gaming | Art
This is a server where you can just relax and don't have to worry about any bullying or toxicity. Everyone here is relaxed and will make you feel like home. This is a gaming community aswell, everyone basically has the same games and here we just have a lot of fun. we also have channels to let out your emotions and have people listen to your problems.
Music | Art
The Talent Nights Discord server is for our talent shows where we have participants which can do singing, telling jokes, or anything you can do through your microphone! Our audience is listening! + There is no judgement! + You can always meet new nice people and chill with them in the chats! + We have Talent Nights events, Karaoke events, and much more! + If you're talented, you can meet other talented people and work with them! + You can share your art and talent in our channels, whatever it is! + We also have shoutout channels for actual active artists and a role for them! + I'm also recording it and editing a highlight video for youtube, if you want! + We're working on a nice professional discord server to make it as entertaining for you as we can! Join us if you wanna listen to really talented people, or if you have a talent, please show it to us and have fun!
Entertainment | YouTuber
This server is for my YouTube channel that I will be posting Discord's Got Talent.
Role-Playing | Gaming
RoTalent is a popular talent show game on the Roblox platform. Host the show, be a Judge or Perform... The choice is yours!