Gaming | eSports
Welcome to the [EU] Talent Valorant discord server! You can use this server to meet fellow Valorant Enthusiasts! Team up wich each other and share your clutch moments!
Art | Community
Welcome to the Pinnacle of Talent! Here you can share your art, music, writing, or really anything that you create. We also occasionally do contests and other events, such as drawpile! To gain full access to the server, please read #rules-information when you join!* Now included: Weekly contests! check #announcements-news for more info.
Music | Entertainment
𝐃𝐆𝐓 stands for Discord's Got Talent, which means we are searching for the most talented (and non-talented obv) people on Discord to come and compete! Also we're pretty chill so like, come be friends with us. :)
Entertainment | Community
The Official Socials; ~YouTube : ~Twitter :
Entertainment | YouTuber
This server is for my YouTube channel that I will be posting Discord's Got Talent.
Gaming | Social
Gamers, talent, community. We also host d&d campaigns and just like to vibe with one another.