Trash Brigade is a brand new Multi Gaming Community devoted to growing and creating an environment where you can meet players who are interested in the games you like. We promote our streamers and provide a community Youtube Channel where you can submit replays to be edited with a shoutout and links directed to you. Events/Tournaments are hosted regularly.
A hub to receive live updates for your favorite games
TemTem themed server for players. Maintaining a positive vibe. Join today :)
Pallet Town Heroes is a discord for all Pokemon Content Creators/Fans/Enthusiasts and more. Everything Pokemon related will be in this discord from: Anime, Movies, Trading Cards, Video Games, Trading, Shiny Hunting, Streaming, Raids, Pokemon GO and so much more!
Find your Team Mate or Group for any game on any Console and have Fun :) EN/DE
A multi functional lobby for your lfg needs, currently supporting 17 games and more in future. With bots to provide detailed patch notes and updates on your favourite games and displaying free/discount games on rotation, custom emotes for supported games.