Join us in fight for frontieer, become pilot, rifleman, mercenary, join freedom fighters from Militia or IMC corps, make impact on field of battle, drop from air, combat enemy in titans and on foot.
Welcome to Durano Ozone! Here, we welcome all kinds of people and things! Are you a Titanfall fan? Are you a Halo fan? Do you just like Sci-Fi in general? Here's your place! You can roleplay as anything that's Sci-Fi and space based! This is brand new, so there's nobody here except the owner, Petty Officer Tarra. (MarKhaos)
Gaming | Meme
Gaming server where we play multiple games, R6, Titanfall2, CSGO, Minecraft (We have a server), GTAV, Rust, etc
Gaming | Social
Gaming and hang out oriented discord server with events and relaxed evenings.