Discord Server dedicated to compile all fansites images from twitter.
Eternia is a community server that will keep you updated about your favorite manga/anime , including manga/anime discussions & suggestions (over 120 for each) . We're cool dudes from everywhere in the world , come have fun with us
Support discord of MrUniverse!
We are a community for gamers called Extreme Hell. Our goal is to get as much as possible people around the world to join us. We are posting all the updates from different games. Sometimes having some giveaways in discord, maybe you could win yourself your own rank, that you can customize to your liking.
A hub to receive live updates for your favorite games
Gaming Server with stat and patch note bots on 50 games
Dolcetti is a server, that was established to ensure communication between the ROBLOX and Discord Platform. This way both users from both platforms can communicate through this communications server.
A discord server for all you tool fans out there! Great for casual talks and long conversations about tool. Get updates about tool albums and more! (I do not own Tool in any way shape or form)
Welcome to Twitch Emotes! We have recently risen from the dead and we our ready to keep growing. Despite being called twitch emotes, on of our long term plans is to turn this server into much more of a community. (We feature a lot of twitch emotes with options to suggest more)
Join for Pokémon Go News on updates and events.
Like Gaming? Like talking? what are you waiting for.. this server is made for YOU!
i hope u like hentai and toxic shit or an annoying owner with updates