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CURRENTLY STARTING THE FIRST EVENT! -3 leader, 2 deputy, and 1 medcat role(s) open! -All five clans! -Old forest! -Heart pounding plot! Before Firestar entered the forest, before Yellowfang was born, before Tallstar entered the tunnels... A disease ravaged the clans. Nobody knew what it was. Nobody knew how to stop it. Treatment seemed impossible. Fever. Delirium. Blood. Madness. Would anyone survive?
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A warrior cats roleplay with a fantasy twist! Each clan has it's own special unique look and abilities. - Leafclan, those who are one with nature and strive to spread how important it is. - Hollowclan, blind wanderers of a large twisted cave with their heightened senses of hearing and smell to guide them. - Seaclan, cats who live their lives underwater and are commonly joked about being more fish than cat. - Cloudclan, fluffy warriors who live in the sky with a curse that makes them become one with it if they stay up too long. Where will you begin in this strange world of Warriors? Several high ranking positions are open! Join to claim them!
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we are a new roleplay server based around the bestselling series "warriors", penned by erin hunter. - unique & immersive plot - available high ranks - lgbt+ friendly server - staff positions - server-wide events
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Warrior Cats: Undiscovered Islands takes place on an undiscovered continent where only animals thrive; on the land of Ekina. (Warrior Cats roleplay server)
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🧊Welcome to Between Thin Ice🧊 A Warrior Cats Roleplay based off the book series by Erin Hunter. Plot - Fogclan and Roseclan have lived near each other for years. In the past they have had conflicts but nothing will be able to compare to the storm that approaches them. Roseclan is trying to keep their allyship with Fogclan. But little do they know, Fogclan has some… Ulterior motives… 〖🏳️‍🌈〗 - A LGBTQ+ Welcoming environment that welcomes everyone of every gender or Sexuality. 〖💗〗- A helpful and supportive staff 〖🧁〗- 11 off topic ooc chats 〖🔎〗- A simple yet in depth character template 〖🪀〗- A fun and engaging plot 〖👑〗- Open Highranks 〖🐞〗- Fun shop system 〖🎙〗- Vc chats for members 〖🏜〗- roughly 33 Roleplay locations 〖🍓〗- Different self roles for members to pick from.