Writing | Role-Playing
| ———【 deprivation. 】——— | literate to semi-literate roleplay. active staff. post apocalyptic genre. human rp. 18+ (language, gore, and explicit themes)
Role-Playing | Furry
ItVoS features playable wolves, sled dogs, and deer! Events are possible to dramatically change roleplay, and each pack has its own ranking/naming system! We have community channels for memes, venting, talking about your characters, and more!
Role-Playing | Writing
New, semi-literate+ roleplay with original lore and mythology! This server is looking to blend aspects of comic heroes, Lovecraftian tales and shōnen manga into a flexible roleplay that revolves around good writing and character development. If this sounds interesting to you then come on down to 𝐋𝐨𝐲𝐜𝐞 𝐂𝐢𝐭𝐲! Here we have: ≛ Semi-literate+ roleplay posts (exceeding two lines) ≛ Active, helpful staff that'll also help with brainstorming ideas ≛ Engaging, intricately written story ≛ A growing storyline that new members can hop into ≛ Tight-knit and chill community
Role-Playing | Hobbies
This is a RP server focused on a small jungle town that sprung up during the rubber rush. In a land where the law is sparse and mostly focused on the city itself, feel free to do as you wish, but be wary of the war looming on the horizon, and the darker forces plotting against the city.
Role-Playing | Anime
🌟 Welcome to ΛZЦЯΣ! 🌟 We are a growing RP server and we are looking for other roleplayers to have fun! We offer: - 🏘️ A large community that loves roleplay - 🌐 A lore-free system where all universes and fandoms can be used - :o️: A loose, easy character approval system - ✴️ A kind, helpful staff team that is open to suggestions - 🔭 A lot of Roleplay channels to explore (we even recently added some new regions to our world) - 💽 Some fun bots (Pokécord, Dank Memer, Notsobot..) so that you can play even when you're alone 🌟 We can't wait to see you here! The staff team at ΛZЦЯΣ hope we see you soon! 🌟
Role-Playing | Writing
https://urbanprophet.xyz URBAN PROPHET is a brand new, semirealistic stray dog play-by-post RPG hosted on a custom-made website, using boards2go to host our threads. With a word count of only 250 and a focus on keeping things both exciting and accessible, UP aims to be a site easily fit into a busy schedule. Join our server to come chat with us or ask questions, take part in server games (TBA), or check for game updates.
Community | Role-Playing
- Semi-Literate Roleplaying (5-7 Sentences min) - LGBTQ Friendly - Member led plot development! - Organized Character Sheets - Clever Role Names - Multiple Characters Allowed - Mature Themes (16+) (No NSFW Allowed) Come Join Rock, Pine or Ice Clan and help end the war!
Role-Playing | Community
[18+] Here at The Interstice, we aim to provide a community-driven role-play experience set within the mysterious Eeklioben Academy! What do we currently offer you? OOC >Community-Oriented Experience >Friendly Environment >Detailed Server >Question of the Day >Self-Assignable Roles >Special Roles for Monthly Activity IC >Custom Plot and Lore >Literate Role-Play Standard >Detailed Character Sheet >Characters Impact the Story and Environment >Fully Customizable Dorm Channels >Nearly-Limitless Options for Character Creation ...And more planned additions! Please be able or willing to use Google Docs. **Currently, we are running a special campaign for new members who join! If you are within the first 10 members (minus bots and staff, of course) who join and stay, you will get a special "Founding Members" role and access to a founders-only text channel!**
Role-Playing | Community
**Server is almost complete.** ✧ 𝙎𝙩𝙖𝙧 𝘾𝙧𝙤𝙨𝙨𝙚𝙙 𝙋𝙖𝙩𝙝𝙨 ✧ ▻ Many, many moons have passed since Crowclan divided. The three groups created their own Clans, Groveclan, Solarclan, and Marrowclan, in an attempt to live in harmony once again. Along the way, troubles have come and gone, destroying and building relationships and trust between the four. Now, tensions are on the rise as prey becomes scarce in Marrowclan and Crowclan, and border tensions rise between Groveclan and Solarclan. ◅ ✲┈*゚ Clan Information *゚┈✲ ╭ Groveclan - Passive & Collected; Lives in a hot and humid swamp. ├ Solarclan - Stoic & Vicious; Lives in the rocky hills. ├ Marrowclan - Sly & Intelligent; Lives in an ash-covered forest. ╰ Crowclan - Crude & Observant; Lives in a vehicle junkyard. ✲┈*゚ Our Community *゚┈✲ ╭ LGBTQ+ Friendly! ├ Open High Ranks! Inquire upon joining. ├ UnbelievaBoat, Littlecloud, Pokecord! ├ Future server events; giveaways, movie nights, game nights, etc. ╰ Open Staff positions!