Gaming | Meme
want to get mods for samp? Well here you can find some
Meme | Hobbies
Ever wanted to be a Roof Korean🏠? Well, now is your chance, mainly we focus on community wishes💪. Basically, host Game nights, Voice chat meetings, Giveaways and etc.✨ come by and find out more about our fearsome nature🦁🐍 and if you are brave enough, become one of us🍻.
Role-Playing | Community
An ancient medieval fantasy land of mystical forests, blue rivers & lakes, rolling green hills, and mighty mountains. The realm is very dangerous, fierce warriors of melee & archery, as well as mystics, lurk around the corner with potentially malicious intent.
Community | Gaming | Education
Want to learn or share survival tips? Want to be at least a little bit prepared when Sh*t Hits The Fan? We are a community server where you can find fellow survivalists, like-minded individuals who just want to be prepared, friendly /k/ommandos, weapons fanatics, pyromaniacs, and people from all over the world who want to make new friends. We have: - Channels for handbooks, manuals, tutorials, etc. - Music channels - Memes - Art channels - Gaming channels - Notsobot - And more! Anyone is allowed here, no matter your background or beliefs! Be sure to have fun, and stay safe :) DISCLAIMER: This server is intended purely for informational purposes only, and does in no way encourage or condone any illegal activity.
Hobbies | Community
knives knifemaking collecting gadgets etc