An active, relaxed community for weebs to chat and enjoy themselves! Giveaways, events, memes, gaming, art, music, gambling, bots. Always looking for new active members!
An active, relaxed community for weebs to chat and enjoy themselves! Giveaways, events, memes, gaming, art, music, gambling, bots. Always looking for new active members!
The Weaboo Self Defence Force is a Warthunder Squadron! TWSDF is also a place for anime lovers to chill!
Chill Server for cute weebs.
Loli Nani, the server where a lots of things happen. This server will provide you anything Loli related, anime, giveaways and gaming info you need. We regularly do the most random stuff in the chat and we don't really have that much strict rules here in the server. We usually talk about games, anime, life and etc. If you are here to partner with us, we are open to do so. The server has been up for a year now and hopefully you'll enjoy your stay here ;). We will welcome you despite on what kind of person you are (just don't piss off people lmao).
We are looking for active members! What we offer: ☆ Self assignable roles. ☆ Color assigned roles. ☆ Roleplay. ☆ Memes & Shitposting. ☆ Movie Nights. ☆ Game Nights. ☆ Bots. ☆ Leveling-Up System. ☆ Discussion & Debate Channel. Hopefully we’ll see you soon!
We are a server full of antisocial kids, so antisocial that no one is even talking LMAO
Tech oriented channel
RBLX UA self-explanatory
Here at Cafe Tiny we strive to maintain a community with alike interests
» [ Danganronpa! ] is a server with lots of stuff to do for new and old Danganronpa fans alike!
We're a chill anime server that does daily giveaways. What more can you ask for?
We're a chill anime server that does daily giveaways. What more can you ask for?
Discord pour parler de tout est rien on est quasiment tous des weebs et des connards mais on est sympas Viens faire un tour si tu as envie :3
The server was created on Jul 15, 2019. Made by Yasir#4508 Made for anime and gaming fans, to meet new and cool people :D and to make my dream of making a big discord server come true.
Counter-Strike Global Offensive Mordhau Insurgency Rust + more Community giveaways!
Anime discussion, Hangout, Chill!
『LVL~Radio』Is a straightforward and comfortable server for more serious Weeb's who enjoy Anime and other Weeb culture more than your average fan. We aim to have a more sincere and constructive community filled with people who are passionate about the medium as opposed to a group of people who just watched SAO and now think they know everything. Please enjoy your stay fellow Weebs.
We’re looking to accumulate folks to create a laid-back atmosphere where we can all just hang out and do our thing. If that’s something you’re down for, we welcome you with open arms. Our server is simply a place to make new friends. There are no plans to allow it to become overwhelmingly large. Just friendly, and easy to talk in!
A chill hangout server for CS:GO Surfers, Comp players, and in general, gamers. Anime discussion, weeb nights (TBD), etc.
Just an active, growing community of about 250+ members trying to grow and meet new people <3 This server was originally based around a twitch community but we are looking to expand our horizons, we are lowly moderated and welcoming of new people joining!
In this day and age, it's tough being a loser. Join the Nep Jr.'s Academy For Degenerates and help us fight back to those that aim to end our way of life! Comes accustomed with: -Fellow gamers of culture who are more then willing to talk with you about anything from politics to anime! -Wide variety of emotes! -NSFW! We horny too, bro! -Bots for you know, bot stuff such as memes and games! -Very minimal restrictions in talking, we don't like censorship! -Nep looks like an eraser! Now join us for free robux!
Come play games, make friends, send memes, and enjoy yourself! Open to all! (Hand holding is allowed)
Social/Gaming discord server │ Fun little server for you to meet new people │ Special game chats, find groups to play │ Anime chat active with a waifu hunting function │ Friendly and respectful staff team ready to help anyone in need
This a server full of degenerate weebs That only speak in anime quotes. Fighting games, and other anime shit
✿ We are a fun, interactive community looking to play games together and have a great time! Some of the notable games we play include: • Minecraft • Terraria • League of Legends • Borderlands 2 • Brawlhalla • osu! ✿ In addition to playing a large variety of games, we also have other community-based features unrelated to gaming. • Memes • Conversation Games • Jackbox
If you are an anime fan and you would like to meet more friends and talk about your tastes, this is your server, here you can find: - Anime memes - Weeb talks - Weeb Emojis - Lewd content - Clubs - Gaming - Events - Giveaways - Activity roles - Custom bot - And much more! We are an active server where you can have so much fun!
Saite! is a new server i just made. It is dedicated to anime, gaming and shitposting/memes etc.. I am actually looking for mods to help me run it as well. You are also welcome if you just wanna join and become a member of this community ♥
[ 16+ ] -- Ey-yo. Fan of Coffee and Clubs? Then we're the place for you. Fresh community server, revolving around all things anime, games and good quality memes. Dramafree Zones! uwu
Looking for a laid back social server? A place to meet new people and share memes? Someone to play games with? Mai's Social Garden is the right place for you! ♥We're a new server!♥
Irasshaimase♡! Welcome to our little slice of nerd life. We're a welcoming little community that is looking for new friends to join us! Hourly waifu/husbando gacha is available for additional shenanigans and with over 100 adorable emotes, how can you say no? Everyone over the age of 16 is welcome to join, but please be sure to remember there are minors present while chatting. Any topic is welcome, but we mostly talk about video games and anime. So, Irasshai! Don't be shy, come on in and take a seat♡!
A place of accepting like-minded weebs!😊 We have: ______________________________________ Fanfic📕 Fanart🖌️ Unrestricted Hangout Hentai⚠️ Memes🖼️ ______________________________________ And More!!! We have got it all so if you wanted to join a server and chill with people who are like you come chek us out!
We're a chill community, we accept everything. I don't care if you're a furry, a weeb, or an epic oppressed gamer. We talk and stuff, social server my dude.
Welcome to That Server リマスター, a server for saying whatever you want. Freedom of speech is the golden rule here. This place is for people to come together, talk and have fun. Well welcome you with open arms.
▬ HIDEAWAY HAVEN ▬ Custom bot! Nice Staff! A chat based leveling system with perks! Self-Assign roles! We want to start doing more events and giveaways! Make friends!
please join lmao
Pokud jsi otaku přidej se k nám! Jsme CZ/SK server (nejen) pro milovníky anime, mangy, her či všeobecně pro milovníky Japonska. Zábavní weeb boti a cz/sk komunita otaku, co víc si přát! Své si najdou i gameři, máme zde i komunitu programátorů... vlastně ať jsi kdokoli, najdeš si zde svou komunitu.
░▒▓█ Welcome to Osaka•★♪! • 大阪へようこそ• ★♪! █▓▒░ We are a weeb / Japanese-themed hangout server with a variety of channels and systems unique to any other hangouts.
Just a chill server where people can hang out & talk to each other. It can also be a mini dating server if ya want to.