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“It is now 8 PM.” The loud speakers transmitted, participants being confused. “Could everyone here....” It was their first time in such a “game”, and probably the last thing they will do and see before dying. “....Please make your way to the Voting Room?” It was the fate they needed to face, wanting it or not. The game has started. Inspired in Alice in Wonderland; there’s exactly 10 different roles for every “participant” in the game. No one knows the true ‘ending’ or reward, but everyone wants it. We offer: -Different bots to pass time! -Staff applications. -You can use any kind of OC, we don’t discriminate-! -Don’t wanna rp? Neat! We give Spectator role and you can just chill we us. -A dumbass owner that misspells and misreads everything :). -Freestyle roleplaying. -Fair rules.