Warframe Dynasty is a community of Tenno on PC, Xbox One, Switch and PS4. Instant Price Checks, Weekly Giveaways, Free Promo Codes, Community Polls, Real-time Alerts & News, Plus More! We've got Warframe, Fashion Frame, Music, Anime, & Fun! Join us, Tenno! =)
SWORN HAVEN: A gaming focussed server, with the goal to provide a genuine rewarding community for our members. (We prefer quality over quantity)
18+ Server. Do not be under 18. Welcome to this unofficial Pax East 2020 Server! Pax East 2020. Capcom, Smash Bros, Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, Pokemon, Yakuza, Metal Gear, Kojima, Mario, Resident Evil, Dark Souls, Soul Calibur, Fighting, Street Fighter, Tekken, Kirby, etc. New England, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Boston, NYC, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennslyvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Atlantic, Canada, EST, East Coast, etc.
Geek and Gamer Community, Media Network, Game Server Hosts, Streamers, Content Creators and Esports teams, Promo, Game nights, Event hosts, Emojis and so much more! 🎮
Welcome to the Nintendo Switch discord! A community of gamers who have a interest for Nintendo Switch! Exchange friend codes and more!
Server dedicated to furry feet. Join us and enjoy your time! This is the original, oldest, and largest community.
Kanał dla polskiej społeczności Anthema! Zapraszam wszystkich mówiacych po polsku chętnych znalezienia kompanów do polatania swoimi Javelinami!
Hello! We're a community that includes all gamers from all platforms such as PS4, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch and etc. All is welcome to join us!
Hello from The Epic Center Staff! The EPIC Center was established to provide a centralized hub for all to come together share the love and passion for gaming. New features are added daily! Some main features of our server include. - Active and Chill Community! - Friendly Staff! - Dedicated Gaming Sections! Especially for Pokemon and Animal Crossing - Dedicated Pokecord channels! - Pokemon Sword and Shield Raid Hosting! - Leveling system with perks! - Giveaways and Events! And much more! Feel free to join our community to help it grow and to become an active member today! https://discord.gg/h8HCJy3
A nice place to come together, laugh and play. while just playing switch games. if you're feeling a bit ambitious join our monthly tournaments.
Recherches de mates et partage de contenu sur de nombreux jeux sur de nombreuses plateformes avec une bonne ambiance
If you like games, you should join. If you don't mind games, you should join. I want friends, we are small, it's chill! Simple rules - 1. Don't be toxic, pretty easy. 2. Don't be a perv, we allow people of all ages so don't hit on people bcus they could be like 13. 3. Use the channels for their intended purpose, if you're not sure just ask. 4. Don't spam, voice or text. If there's something you want added to the server just ask.
Looking for people to play with? Up to Champion? Pc/Ps4/Xbox NA/EU Find people for placements here, 55+ active members, Solid players, non toxic Pc Discord community, Upcoming Money prized tournaments, Share your skill and knowledge, Promote yourself.
We're a super friendly and easy-going server for fans and players of the Monster Hunter franchise, founded and run mostly by Australians.
[Over 170 users] If you want your daily dose of content through shit posting regarding gaming, twitch clips/drama, youtube, news, music and also some fun bot pvp features, then my server is most likely a good choice for you.
this server is full amazing, beautiful and wonderful women. I have met so many different types of girls and i'm so glad that i made this server, I've made so many new friends of all ages. I made this server 13+ so that no girl nor women would feel left out cause of age.
✨ Multi-game Community ✨ Daily Gaming Events ✨ Weekly Giveaways ✨ Safe & Friendly ✨ Gaming 24/7 ✨Exp, Currency, Achievements ✨ Streamer Friendly
Nerd Central is the server for gamers, computer programmers, and generally anyone who obsesses over anything! We offer: 🤘Friendly owner 🥧 Short, sweet, and to the point rules that don't take a long time to read! 🤝 Everyone is welcome! 🥳 Events! ⭐ Places to talk about your favorite games/subjects 👂 We listen to you! Suggestions welcomed with open arms! Consider joining today!
𝙒𝙚𝙡𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙚 𝙩𝙤 𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙁𝙤𝙭𝙝𝙤𝙡𝙚! We're a friendly gaming community! We want people to come together and converse with each other, while having fun! Hopefully, you can make lifelong friends here as well!
We are the Socially Inept Nerds Society! May S.I.N.S Prosper: ♧Those who game together, stay together ♧Relax ♧Chat ♧Game ♧Voice Chat ♧Lurk ♧Streamer Friendly ♧Shenanigans ♧NSFW ♧Community ♧Listen to Music ♧Memes ♧Overwatch ♧Splatoon 2 ♧Animal Crossing New Horizons
Discord Server for TheTechGame.com community. Covering video games and news for PC, Xbox and PS Systems.
"A New Era" Network 4 Dayz Xbox Private Servers What we offer Servers • FPP - Chernarus x 50 ( Role Play ) • 3PP - Chernarus x 20 slot 24/7 PvP NEW 10.5.20 • FPP - Livonia x 20 ( PvE & RP ) • 3PP - Survival Hardcore Chernarus x 10 NEW • 3hr Dayz & 1hr nights • Application - 60 second basic (Subject Approval) • Mouse and Keyboard active • Server Wipes every 4 Months • UK/EU Servers all times GMT • All servers secured via whitelist which you gain with one gamer tag • XML Modifications – Several to each server, listed & updated regularly Discord • 16+ Age Limit • 3 strike warning process • ‘Council’ of players to determine fairness for warnings • Community driven server feedback & Discussion • Energetic and Lively Discord • Kill feed Events, win prizes for most points NEW • Server Admins & Discord Moderators – Active, fair & Zero Tolerance • Toxic & Trolls removed
A semi-active server that has existed for three years. We are mostly active on the weekends, with a few of us open for texting 24/7. Activity is not required, but encouraged as we're trying to grow our active user base. - We play a lot of Halo, CSGO, Minecraft (ask for server IP), Classic WoW, OSRS, Rocket League, etc. - WEEKLY NITRO GIVEAWAYS - English & Japanese channels - Chess tournaments are hosted monthly on Chess.com. - We have an NSFW channel for ravers & other misc types. - Music channel to share your beats. - Memes. - Twitch integration - Tatsumaki, Pokecord, IdleRPG, Rythm, Mee6 and more. - Ranking system, every message earns XP. Check us out!
Geek Café is your one-stop-shop for any geek-related content. Join us and socialize, learn, get help and play.
Join Happy Lobbies, converse with others, share your vouches and receive exclusive discounts on Call of Duty services! Including our Pro AFK Bots Boosting XP Glitch Lobby!
Discord games Xbox games Memes Chatting Stuff
The Stronggamers server is powered by www.stronggamers.com and its a place for our community to chill and chat all things bodybuilding and gaming/fitness! We have influencers, pro gamers, personal trainers, nutritionists and of course awesome staff & members!