Hentai Empire is awesome 18+ server, and obviously, revolves around hentai. We are an all-around great server, with various NSFW channels- everyone will find what they like.
Our goal is to provide a kinky, wholesome, safe atmosphere here for folks into BDSM and the like. We strive to build and maintain a fulfilling, protected online community for all those who seek a place safe and fun to learn, discover, expand on, and share their kinky side. We boast over 100 members at the moment and active staff! We are a safe, friendly environment: no kink-shaming, no bullying, no racist/homophobic/transphobic/sexist remarks, and anything remotely related to any of those. This is a place to be your natural, wholesome, kinky self. So cum join us today!
Nosso objetivo principal é conectar fans de todas as áreas da comunidade popular dos animes, mangás, RPs, amantes de met gala, amantes de séries, cosplayers, gamers, dentro outros interesses.
Bienvenu dans ce petit server pour les pervers et les perverses adorant furry, et autre déviance (server hétéro, yuri et yaoi)
Otaku Empire is mainly a anime server that welcomes all different kind of fans newbies or veterans! We also accept k-pop fans and many others! More about us- •Friendly staff •Welcoming community •Plenty bots •Movie/show nights •Game nights •Emotes •And much more! We hope you’ll join us and be friends since we’re all lonely weebs-
School Idols is a new and growing SFW wholesome yuri community server. We post images and media daily of cute anime girls in love with each other <3
Hangover is a server for otakus to meet and date one another if they hit it off well, while still making friends. Not a lot of restrictions yet, LGBT people are welcome we have a variety of things to talk about like yaoi, yuri, anime of 2018-2019 or old school anime. Kawaaii girls and e-girls are present. Cute bots to play with too!! join and support the server please ;)
Welcome, my fellow Weebs and Weeblets to the Natsuki Creator Club! A community where you can show your love for the Cupcake Queen herself, Natsuki! But, of course, we also have the other Dokis for you to shower with praise and adoration as well! All Dokis deserve love!~ (What about the Creator Club part?) Excellent question! This server is also a place where you can show your creative skills off to everyone! No matter what artform, we've got you covered! So consider joining the NCC!
This is a server where you can roleplay ABO/Omegaverse with those who enjoy it and see all kinds of omegaverse images.
We aim to bring the Lesbian fandoms together in one place, where everyone can meet and discuss about their favourite pairing. Join us now!
A discord server for Nettaigyo fans
╔══════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ══════╗ IZONE SERVER ╚══════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ══════╝ If you love kpop, Izone, and meeting new people and friends, then we are the right place for you! ┌─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───┐ What we have for you: ღWe Have MeMe Emotes. ღ A friendly, growing and mostly active community. ღ We have a lot of multi fandom stans, even though the main topic is Izone! If you don’t stan/like them yet, don’t worry!:sparkling_heart: ღ Multiple self-assignable roles. ღ Private non-translated and translated fanmails. ღ Updates on izone posts. ღ Iz*one and off-topic channels. └─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───┘
Hentai House is a lewd server for all of your hentai needs. We have just about everything here. Ecchi, yuri, yaoi, trap, watersports, futanari, abdl, bestiality, tentacles, etc. 18+ only.
View high-quality hentai with dozens of categories :)
Slasher333’s Triple Threat is a NSFW art server created by Slasher333. Come join a growing community of artists with a focus on hentai and other naughty goods. You MUST be 18 years of age or older to join.
E girls? Nah. Corona virus? Yeahhhh
Secret Yuri Lovers is a safe, friendly and wholesome Yuri community.
A chill place to talk and a wholesome place overall.
DeviantZone is an adult community centred around hentai, with a special focus given to yuri. We offer a broad selection of images, stories, Yuri, Futanari and other related files; carefully curated to offer only the best to our members.