Luscious Sweeties is a civil, happy, friendly & perverted community where you can meet new friends, share porn and enjoy your time! We have lots of channels you can browse through, there's something for almost everyone.
Hello and welcome to our server! We are a lively and growing community with very active members! Everyone has a place in this community and we actively encourage everyone to claim or make a character as quickly as possible. Our staff are kind and supportive people who will help you along the way when you need to make a character! I hope you have an amazing time here! :3
Hentai Empire is awesome 18+ server, and obviously, revolves around hentai. We are an all-around great server, with various NSFW channels- everyone will find what they like.
DeviantZone is an adult community centred around hentai, with a special focus given to yuri. We offer a broad selection of images, stories, Yuri, Futanari and other related files; carefully curated to offer only the best to our members.
Servidor voltado para interação entre fãs sobre a cultura pop de quadrinhos online principalmente para pessoas que falam e/ou compreendem o idioma português.
School Idols is a new and growing SFW wholesome yuri community server. We post images and media daily of cute anime girls in love with each other <3
Hangover is a server for otakus to meet and date one another if they hit it off well, while still making friends. Not a lot of restrictions yet, LGBT people are welcome we have a variety of things to talk about like yaoi, yuri, anime of 2018-2019 or old school anime. Kawaaii girls and e-girls are present. Cute bots to play with too!! join and support the server please ;)
Welcome, my fellow Weebs and Weeblets to the Natsuki Creator Club! A community where you can show your love for the Cupcake Queen herself, Natsuki! But, of course, we also have the other Dokis for you to shower with praise and adoration as well! All Dokis deserve love!~ (What about the Creator Club part?) Excellent question! This server is also a place where you can show your creative skills off to everyone! No matter what artform, we've got you covered! So consider joining the NCC!
╔══════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ══════╗ IZONE SERVER ╚══════ ≪ °❈° ≫ ══════╝ If you love kpop, Izone, and meeting new people and friends, then we are the right place for you! ┌─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───┐ What we have for you: ღWe Have MeMe Emotes. ღ A friendly, growing and mostly active community. ღ We have a lot of multi fandom stans, even though the main topic is Izone! If you don’t stan/like them yet, don’t worry!:sparkling_heart: ღ Multiple self-assignable roles. ღ Private non-translated and translated fanmails. ღ Updates on izone posts. ღ Iz*one and off-topic channels. └─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───┘
This is a server where you can roleplay ABO/Omegaverse with those who enjoy it and see all kinds of omegaverse images.
We aim to bring the Lesbian fandoms together in one place, where everyone can meet and discuss about their favourite pairing. Join us now!
For adult and Hentai content. +18 Only!!!!! XiX Network is now live and ready to see you guys around to have some fun. It's an official Discord server for our Pornhub channel. This is an NFSW server.
A discord server for Nettaigyo fans
18+ Hentai sharing paradise. You can find or share anything hentai as long as it falls within the rules of Discord's TOU. Come get lost in the abyss.
Hentai House is a lewd server for all of your hentai needs. We have just about everything here. Ecchi, yuri, yaoi, trap, watersports, futanari, abdl, bestiality, tentacles, etc. 18+ only.
A server dedicated to the yuri genre. In addition to this, we're a warm, welcoming community you can socialize in various topics.
One of the Largest Veteran For Honor Discord Server. tons of members who are either: Furries, MLP Fans, Stoners, LGBTQ, Gamers, Mingling and more! Hentai, Member Nude Selfies(verified), Clop, Yiff, Yaoi, Yuri and more!
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