Voting is still up for what day and what movie (out of a list of 12) for this weekend. So far we have "Best in Show" as the top pick for this Saturday evening (in CST time)! Events are important, not just professional ones, like helping with resumes and mock interview questions, but social ones too! I have access to the movies on the list and for members who are involved in the chat often, they can make requests from the list of streaming services I have!

For the second update (in so many months!), we have had an influx of angry teen boys with low self-esteem. Not a fan of trolls and I am not on 24/7, so we now have a handful of more members with the power to mute, kick, and ban! They are the unofficial moderators and offer more protection from the bored and angry online!

This is still a small community despite the numbers growing. We have a handful of active ladies on here and would love more to join. We are a light hearted group of different ages and when we are sporadically on, I love all the positivity AND honesty. We don't sugar-coat anything and we love to share our experiences in what we do in our jobs, how we got them, and the issues we have faced or are currently facing. I love all the questions from those who don't quite know what they want to do in life and I can't wait to see our community grow over time.