Community | Technology
Discord space for women in male-dominated fields to help with work related questions and relate to others in the sea of testosterone. Not a man-hating group and accepting of all those who identify as female.
Gaming | Sports
We are a community playing My Racing Career browser game, you can join us to learn more and start your racing career.
Sports | Role-Playing
What's CSCG? CSCG or College Sim Career Game is a new server created to simulated different college teams from different years this decade. Like 2011 Georgia or 2015 Alabama, you have many different options to choose from. It's very simple to play, just create a coach, choose a college, choose the year, and you're done! Set back and watch your team go in a 12 week season against other teams. There's also events that happen during the simulation, like Player Injuries, Coach firing, Natural Disasters, and more!. Join CSCG today!
Technology | Hobbies
A community built for IT (Information Technology) geeks and nerds. Server includes discussions on PC building, tech, and the IT field.
Hobbies | Bot
A discord server for everyone! Advertise your discord bot using our discord bot listing website which we are making now! Come and join us! We will start your path to be a coding master!
Support | Community
For those who love life but hate people. You are not welcome on this server if you are a republican.
Community | Business
Welcome to Aisle 9! || A podcast hosted by Wonderlust and Granny Meta || A minecraft realm open to all members at all times. || Movie nights, game nights, streams, Minecraft realm events, and whatever you. can come up with. || LGBTQ+ friendly server. || Staff members willing to answer any question || A slightly career oriented server for you to get your name and work out there || Roles such as Photographer, Voice. Actor, Editor, and much more! The Aisle 9 staff welcome you and hope you have an amazing time -Aisle 9 staff
Education | Business
Accounting/CPA Discord (homework help, cpa exam help, career discussion.) College students, graduates, working professionals are all welcome. Good place to talk and network with accounting professionals and CPAs.
Science | Education
This is the Citrus Order! 🍊⚔ The Citrus Order is the friendly community whose members discuss interesting topics and are united by the shared aim of becoming the best version of ourselves. We value: - Self development - Science & Research - Financial wellbeing
Business | Community
A small community that will be based of Anthony Hodge's business work. I know what you're thinking "Why the hell would I want to join this server?" 💎 GAMBLING ⇼ HAVE FUN! 💎 ❤️ Give others reputations! 🙊 Introduce yourself / Self roles Included 🌎 WEB NEWS (Reddit, Twitter etc.)