Now that the newness of the server has settled down, we have had a slow, steady growth of new members. I am really enjoying how informative, supportive, and friendly the server has blossomed into. Yes, we do have a wait time before you can speak, but it will give you time to scout out the channels and see if this is the server for you!

We are still looking for event hosts, professional or for fun. We currently have Jackbox evenings a few times a month and have offered links to free webinars and classes. We would love your input on what kind of events you want for the future as well.

To wrap up the short update, we still are looking for mods, event hosts, server bumpers, greeters, chatty members, and a few people with networking and outreach skills/connections.

We are a welcoming server and look forward to the new members the digital winds send our way.