Yes, you heard right! I know we have many professional and social channels, but it's come to my attention that we may come across as too rigid of a place. Sometimes you want to log on and let go of the stress! Without further ado, this week we have added server currency that can be used to buy and gift digital items (some give and take roles!) as well as allow you to play games like black jack, slot machine, rooster fighting, and roulette. We shall see who makes their way to the top of the leaderboard!

Another addition of silliness sometimes comes from our added channel "Question of the day"! Some are professionally related questions to get the conversation flowing in that direction and some will be off the wall. Members are free to submit question requests and a mod or myself will review your input!

On a different note, we recently lost a valued member, our STEM lead moderator, so that role is now open to our members to apply for. If interested, DM me in Discord and we can discuss the position. It is an important role and she has left some pretty big shoes to fill.

If that amount of responsibility scares you, I have many roles to still left open to the members. Tell my your skills or interests; I am all about getting people integrated into this server!

Current open positions: -Looking for a STEM mod and leader -Looking for general mods (Will start to take applications soon) -Looking for greeters! (Will get special role with a name/color you choose) -Chat revivers, can be in one channel or them all! -Looking for those who want to help advertise by getting the word out, with ads, word of mouth, networking, etc. (can give ad templates I have) -Finding RELATABLE partnerships for the server, DM me if you do -Looking for those who want to host virtual events on this server, can be a one time thing or you can tell me how often you want to do one -VC mod, when demand of the server requires this, I will be open to discussing this position more!