Spectrum Arcade

An LGBT+ and neurodiversity haven for arcade and retro gaming, platform fighting and all things café!

Remember, the shape doesn't make the controller, the player does. A pen is just as good for StarCraft as a mouse, an arcade stick is an excellent way to play Metroid, and even Super Smash Bros. has a stick on the way!

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An LGBT+ and neurodiversity haven for arcade and retro gaming, platform fighting and all things café!

Remember, the shape doesn't make the controller, the player does. A pen is just as good for StarCraft as a mouse, an arcade stick is an excellent way to play Metroid, and even Super Smash Bros. has a stick on the way!

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Spectrum now has an R18 section.

The world has a few R18 arcade games. Some cafes and arcades have booze or adults-only time at night. So, why not?

#adult-substances has been renamed to #r18-substances and moved to the new R18 category. Assign your roles here: https://roleypoly.com/s/523676833250803776

Rules & Guidelines

🔹 Mind the prefix emojis. Staff are marked with 🌐 and those who are touch averse may adopt 🛑 at their discretion.

🔹 Mind the roles. Please fill out your roles at your discretion and always heed roles such as Sensory Processing disorder, PTSD and any touch-related roles.

🔹 Avoid harmful avatars. Avatars that trigger seizures, headaches, stress reactions, etc. should be changed quickly upon peer request. This should NOT require staff intervention.

🔹 Avoid auditory flooding. Many people here have sensory processing disorder and, on the best of days, can find themselves pinned down and frozen when there's too much going on. At worst, the sound of typing or crunching chips can cause severe meltdowns. This is not a personality flaw, it is a neurological dysfunction. You aren't a bad person for doing it, we just need you to understand when we tell you to stop.

🔹 Be mindful, rational and respectful. Not everyone speaks English as a first language, is the same age as you, has the same privilages and abilities, has the same neurology, etc. - When interacting, please remember that this is a diverse community. Also remember that critique is not an attack, ignorance is not malice, astonishment is not mockery, nature does not prove a deity, and not all dogs are corgis.

🔹 Punch-down comedy tends to be more hurtful than funny, and black comedy and gallows humor can easily just be disturbing.

🔹 Remember Poe's Law: If you post something, endorsement is implied. Many people will not notice or understand the irony or sarcasm involved, and that can cause plenty of problems, so make sure you tag and/or comment properly to make sure people know where you stand.

🔹 Don't let problems fester. Animosity among members hurts everyone.

🔹 No spamming or malicious trolling, and keep in mind boundaries if you troll in jest.

🔹 Refrain from gatekeeping, respectability politics and pain olympics.

🔹 Do not judge what imagery people consume, short of that which infringes upon a person's rights.

🔹 Our jurisdiction is flexible, so don't go being abusive in DMs or on Twitter.

🔹 If there isn't an active problem happening in public, please avoid calling someone out for not-on-server issues in public. DM a staff member instead.

🔹 What you look at is your business, and fiction is fiction, but keep Discord-banned content off the server. We don't want to get shutdown.

This is an inclusive safe space. This means the following:

1.) Given that they are your rights, we will NOT judge-

◽your color, ethnic background, genetic heritage, sex, etc.

◽your attractions and compulsions. (This includes paraphilias.)

◽what you identify as.

◽the your choice of deity or deities.

◽your disabilities or disorders.

◽your traumas.

2.) Where applicable, staff, members and guests reserve the right to-

◽remove people who infringe upon the above rights.

◽remove people who do not respect the boundaries, identities or triggers of others.

◽remove content that infringes upon the rights, boundaries, safety and security of others.

◽tell you that your actions are harmful, irritating, triggering, disruptive, et cetera, even if they are traumagenic or pathological.

◽respectfully challenge your opinions.

3.) We will NOT-

◽entertain jingoism.

◽wantonly purge our space of triggers.

◽ostracize people whose being offends or triggers.

◽ostracize people who challenge or critique.

◽treat personal opinions as professional opinions or factual assessments.

◽let people hide behind a dictionary in arguments of culture and colloquialism.

◽treat perceptions or hearsay as objective fact.

◽conflate compulsions and actions.

Remember that these are guidelines. To maintain fairness and integrity, and to protect our community and prevent exploitative rule-lawyering, we cannot and will not treat (most of) these as 100% adamant laws.

It's never "just a game."

PSA for something very close to our hearts here.

Do not ever tell someone "it's just a game." When you say it, you want to reassure or ground the person by reducing what you see and over-investment. But ultimately it's only condescending and insulting. It only tells the person "I don't understand or respect your bond with this game."

To someone who has experienced joy and hardship through a game, met precious friends, invested money, coped with pain and trauma and disability... It's not "just a game." It's a meaningful story, or a challenge important to their values, a glimpse of hope in a living hell... A photo album of important and precious memories.

And asking you to join them is so much more than "let's play a game." It's "I want to share this piece of my soul with you... Because you are important to me."

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