Introductions Hey all! I'm the owner of the Far Shore Inn, an RP server for veterans of RP and newbies alike. The server is usually quiet, and I make myself available for questions. The server is a medieval fantasy setting with freeform rules and allows people of any skill level to join.

Plot A mysterious island exists. Getting to and from the island is arduous, and the world outside will remain relatively up in the air so that people can come from any background they want - as long as it's medieval fantasy-ish. You can arrive at the island in several ways, a magical mishap, a shipwrecked boat, an airship crash, etcetera. All that is important is that sometimes characters don't intend to go to the island but still end up there. Some characters try to get to the island, but it is difficult. It always moves, making it hard to locate, and some kind of enchantment makes it challenging to get to or leave the island. Therefore those that get on the island usually stay on it. You can also be born on the island, having only known its shores, your knowledge of the outside world will only come from those who knew it.

OOC information There is no post-length requirement, and we are LGBTQ+ friendly (But our characters might not be, though the main RP hub is LGBTQ+ friendly). We have "assign your own post length" so you can indicate your usual writing length to others. We do RP in threads to keep things organized. If you have any questions feel free to ask here, DM me, or jump into the server and ask there.


Hook Example Cold water laps at your feet, and you feel the sun's heat beating down on you. Your ship that set sail to new territory is now a mangled mess on the shore not too far from you. You push yourself off the sandy beach, your bones aching and groaning with protest. After investigating the shipwrecked boat, you find it mysteriously empty, and only half of it can be found. The realization that you are alone sinks in, but hope remains. What will you do?