The Assetto Sector

Assetto Corsa league, race and community server, with races happening almost every week and/or weekend.

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Assetto Corsa league, race and community server, with races happening almost every week and/or weekend.

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RSS GT One-off Event

On the 28th of August, we will be holding a one-off race in the RSS GTs!

This event will be held in order to gain more information about the pace difference between the cars, which will help with the BoP of theirs for the upcoming league, as well as a chance for everyone to try out the cars on track. We will also be testing a quick-fire solo qualifying - a single 5 minute session, where everyone has the track to themselves, all handled by the server!

The event start will be at 20:00 BST/21:00 CEST, rest of the details and a car preference reaction poll are in #rssgt-oneoff's pins. This event will most likely be streamed, and the winner will get the one-off purpose reserved @Event Winner role.

The league announcement will be in about a week, so stay tuned for it!

Hope to see you all on track!

Endu World Tour league Final

This league's final race will happen on the 22nd of May, starting at 21:00 CEST. It will be streamed on . Future leagues and races information to be posted on the Discord server at some point.

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