**Don't join us if you like: **

  • Enjoy being ghosted and ghosting others because you have the attention span of a gnat
  • To play a power fantasy where you get to be the main character of the RP regardless of the situation.
  • Leveling up using our most complicated and over-bloated system that belongs in DnD and not text roleplay
  • Have unbalanced and overpowered abilities on day one that permit 0 progressions, including traits and life skills.
  • Avoid reading and prefer shallow, generic fantasy worlds where you can skip the lore and place "concepts" because the setting is so meaningless. -Only care about your "creations."
  • Wish to be handed everything and not earn it.
  • Don't join if you're looking for DnD, Anime, or European fantasy concepts.
  • Despise concepts outside of the conventional box.
  • You Love to be ambiguous concerning your character sheets.
  • Self-inserting yourself.
  • if you can't help but Godmod or metagame. '- Are opposed to developing a person that can exist in the universe.
  • Mandatory custom roles that mean jack shit
  • Have generic, meaningless characters that are inconsistent. AKA the Vampire that doesn't know what the taste of blood is
  • Fandoms that don't follow the setting you are entering.
  • Having moderators that skim through your character sheets and refuse to go past surface-level information only to give awful advice on improving your character for their worthless setting
  • RP servers that die two weeks from conception due to mismanagement and idiocy.
  • Berated for not reaching arbitrary post limits.

Join virtually every other discord for the points above. Just think about how many characters you have that have completed storylines. Just think about how many RPs you have completed out there in this vast world. We have a 95% RP completion rate.

We do things differently here. Established March 16th, 1999. https://www.verdantdynasty.com/