The community is growing and now has nine members.

Update 4 brings plenty more content to Home By The River. You can play the demo on Steam, Itch, or IndieDB now, and do wishlist the game on Steam as well to help it out!

These updates apply to both the demo and full versions of the game: -I’ve added cute fluffy bunnies that hop around in the game world. You can feed them vegetables to gain virtue! Buy vegetables from the pantry. -The main menu of the game has been completely overhauled. It looks way better now and you can select your character and kitty colours before starting the game. -I’ve added a fridge and now you can buy cold ingredients for cooking from the fridge. -I’ve improved the appearance of the background by adding more animated trees and replacing all of the old static trees. The forest now has a beautiful fountain to make it look better. -I’ve added cattails to the foreground to give the game scene more depth and further beautify the game. -Trees can only grow to 5 units in height now instead of 11. This improves the beauty of the game. -I’ve given the pet cat a hunger bar. Feeding kitty gives you virtue, but if kitty stays hungry then you will lose virtue! -I’ve added a park bench tile which you can place in the world through the props menu. The player can sit on it and regain energy. -I’ve given the boat a boat spray animation to just make it look better in the water. -The sheep farm now also gives you cheese in addition to earning money everyday. -I’ve improved the appearance of the rainbow. I think it looks better now. Give me feedback if you see it!

This applies to the full version of the game only: -Higher level characters can place a fountain of hope in the world through their props menu. It recharges spirit.

Future development -I’ll investigate having a town the player can visit. Perhaps the player can buy more specific items in town, perhaps do some quests, and maybe help some of the locals with their difficulties. -Over time I aim to keep on adding dishes from all around the world to the game. -Investigate having a laptop from which you can check the news today. You can also create social media posts that expose the Sigil Corporation, but doing so also costs you some of your hidden stat. Maybe from your computer you can also play a hacking mini game to restore your hidden stat. -Investigate global commodity pricing. You can see what is in demand from your laptop. Prices at the trading terminal will be affected by global pricing. This will mean that sugar is not always the most valuable commodity and it will keep changing. -Investigate basic terrain generation and perhaps terraced grass tiles. -Investigate a mini game for gaining back the Hidden stat. -Investigate making an opening cut scene for the game.

Thanks for dropping and do consider joining the Discord and becoming part of a new beautiful game!