-The Region Challenge is a new Sword/Shield WiFi League where Challengers have a free draft of 6 Pokemon to battle 'Region Rulers'. -Each Region Ruler will specialise in Pokemon from a single region. E.g The Alola Region Ruler will only use Pokemon from Alola that are in Gen 8. -Challengers must defeat all 8 Region Rulers to be crowned the Regional Champion! -Battles will be played in the 'Gmax Ubers' format, where challengers use a Gmax captain.

We're looking for 2 more leaders for Kanto and Unova, application details here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1k0NsxBMbDvsaiQNAXHu3Qz2_zeTu6tK-6q15gXfCeOs/edit?usp=sharing