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Pokemon Time server
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Sword and Shield Pokemon Generation services! Come find out more!
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Are you a passionate and competitive Nintendo Switch Gamer? You have come to the right place. Here you will find awesome tournaments in Pokemon, SNES and much more! Join us now! Website:
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?Pokémon Battle Frontier Africa™ Come and Battle other Pokémon trainers to the ultimate experience in Gym Battles. Join any of our Channels from Pokémon GO, Let's GO and Sword And Shield
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Giveaways, Events and trading!
A place to exchange friend codes and organize raids, trades, and battles, or just hang out. Not too strict, not too stuffy, we're just here to have fun.
Do you have Pokemon Sword and/or Shield? You can trade and battle in a small, but growing community. Compete in tournaments to see who's the best, and work together with others to complete the Pokedex! Showcase your team, shinies, art, and more!
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A server where you can make friends and talk about everything Pokemon related. We also host tournaments and events monthly. 16+ only. This server welcomes all Pokemon fans, with a tight knit community that is more than happy to call you a friend. Even if you're not that interested in Pokemon, this is still a great place to make friends and talk about other things. We host seasonal and sporadic events, as well as various game tournaments, including Pokemon Showdown. Must be 16+ years to enter.
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A tournament discord server where you fight the gym leaders to get badges, and then fight the Elite Four.
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- A fully functioning pokemon league - A gym challenge - Opportunities to battle the Elite Four and the Champion - Potential vacancies in gym leader and elite four if the server grows more - Trading - Shiny hunting - Raids - Giveaways - Our own built-in Pokemart
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Pokemon community focused on shiny raids, trading, giveaways and many more!
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A Showdown and WiFi League with 4 League systems played in National Dex, OU and Ubers.
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We are a new gaming server We are looking for memebers to join our server we offer all kinds of game hosting pokemon, animal crossing new horizons we are a laid back community a online family giveaways, help with raids and so much more we hope to see you there?! We would also like to offer partnerships with the right servers that will mesh with us. We are adding more bots to the server and more
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Pokemon Discord Server where you will find: ▣ Lovely Community ▣ Competitive ▣ Shiny max-raid dens ▣ Shiny giveaways ▣ Kid-friendly ▣ Myuu Bot Partner
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This server is a fun Pokemon themed server where friendly people gather to battle, trade and many more things together with the latest game. We currently have an ongoing event where we have our own pokemon league and are currently looking for gym leaders before the full league is open. So if you’re looking for a fun server full of friendly people.
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We're a kid-friendly community for Pokemon Sword & Shield, older games are welcome too!