Gaming | eSports
The time has come for conflict to reign supreme! It is time to battle for ultimate supremacy! It is time... for the EMD Pokémon League! Muster your courage! Assemble your team! Prepare to claim the title of the EMD Pokémon League Champion! Compete against other trainers and earn your badges against Gym Leaders and challenge the Elite Four to earn the right to fight the Champion! The battle for ultimate bragging rights begins now! Win fabulous giveaway prizes! Compete in special holiday tournaments! And take on the Champion’s Cup! Come join the EMD Pokémon League! (League will take place in the Sword/Shield games. Fabulousness of prizes is subjective.) This server is a spinoff of Eevee's Mystery Dungeon.
Gaming | Entertainment
Sword and Shield Pokemon Generation services! Come find out more!
eSports | Gaming
Welcome The the Keldon Pokemon league! This is a server mainly based around discussing, trading and of course, battling in pokemon sword and shield. Our League will be starting soon, so if your interested feel free to join! Im also looking for genners to possibly help host giveaways in the server. This is a relatively small server, so were looking for more members so we can begin the league.
Gaming | Community
Welcome to Hosting Paradise! This is a place for hosters to relax, get away, and chat with other hosters and other cool people! We have a pokemon league, other fun bots and games, and strive to be a community for pokemon related fun.
Gaming | Social
Pokemon community focused on shiny raids, trading, giveaways and many more!
Gaming | Role-Playing
A brand new Pokemart has opened on discord! We do 3 types of Daily Giveaways! We sell items and Pokemon! We have incredibly low prices make buying pokemon a lot more simple and easier! And if you decide that you want to boost our server, you'll get a free shiny 6IV Legendary of your choice! So come on over to our Pokemart today!
Gaming | Community
A Pokémon Sword & Shield dedicated server that offers SysBot, giveaways, tournaments, buying, etc! Get all your ✨shiny✨ Pokémon here!
Gaming | Community
We are a brand new server for Pokemon trading and other Pokemon related things such as raids. We host weekly giveaways with multiple winners each week! We also have Pokecord running and plan on adding more Bots to the server! ANYONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN
Community | Role-Playing
Chatting, roleplay, satire, multifandom, memes, irony, music, art
Gaming | Hobbies
Join for daily giveaways and a friendly community of people looking to trade. If trading not your thing than we have areas to talk and joke around.
Entertainment | Gaming
We're a kid-friendly community for Pokemon Sword & Shield, older games are welcome too!
Gaming | Social
A Pokemon SwSh server with custom gyms created by other members, that you can battle and take over! Adding giveaways soon.
Gaming | Entertainment
We’re a server dedicated to all things shiny and Pokemon Go. Great place for FREE meltan boxes, pokemon coords, remote raids, shiny news, shiny challenges and dedicated channels for remote raid coordination. We have giveaways, video entertainment, sword/shield channels for shiny raids and more! Check out our server!
Gaming | Community
A Showdown and WiFi League with 4 League systems played in National Dex, OU and Ubers.