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⭐ Constructive, Mature Hip-hop community ⭐ International talent: Beat makers, Rappers, Writers & More! ⭐ Custom Bot for work capture, recordings & auto response feedback ⭐ 24/7 Beats Radio ⭐ Chat Cyphers / Random & Planned Freestyle Sessions / Battles (Coming Soon) ⭐ Come Evolve Your Skills
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Don't re-enter the past. Don't look towards for the far future. You are in the future! This is 22nd Century. 100 years have gone by! After the meteor star collided with Earth, a new era, life on Mars was just beginning. However, life on a new planet is not easy and you need to fight for power.
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『Welcome to Chat Wars!』A new, fast growing community server which will entertain you and meet new people, which combines faction team battle and chatting to have fun with your mates. 🍻 -This are the following special features we offer in this server.... ✨║ Over 30+ self assignable roles, 45+ channels to entertain you 🎉║ Weekly events held (Karaoke Night, Movies, Games battle, Monthly Contest, Chat Wars got talent.. etc.) 🔊║ Active VC's for people who prefer to communicate through voice channels 💍 ║ Level Rewards and Shop systems available 👋║ Friendly staffs and members 👌 ║ Daily memes, questions coming out fresh 🙌║ Open to partnerships and affiliates ⚔️║ Faction team battle which include house points and get amazing rewards So what are you waiting for, join our community now and have fun with us!!!🔥
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A small Discord server for anyone and everyone! Whether you like to roleplay, play video games, talk about anime like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, memes, we have it all! This is still a work in progress but there's a lot to offer in this server!
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A Pokemon server focusing on The main-line games, pokecord, and the pokemon tcg
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Welcome The the Keldon Pokemon league! This is a server mainly based around discussing, trading and of course, battling in pokemon sword and shield. Our League will be starting soon, so if your interested feel free to join! Im also looking for genners to possibly help host giveaways in the server. This is a relatively small server, so were looking for more members so we can begin the league.
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A brand new community for Pokemon trading and battles, as well as hanging out!
Gaming | Community
We are a friendly Pokémon SwSh communty where you can win many IG rewards, make friends, battles, participate tournaments and much more!
Gaming | Anime
Our Server is focused around Pokémon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Our Main goal is to bring in people to do basically everything the game offers to their players like Battles, tradings, raids, make friends, etc. We also offer a variety of different things to do like play other games, talk about other games, even Art, Anime, etc. Even Becoming a Gym Leader, Elite Four, And Even Champion in our Hall of Fame, adding competition to our group. Even including help with pokedexes and new players to immerse in our community! Invite others too! We attempt to make a lively place to be at daily, including Giveaways, Free pokemon trades, Glitches including cloning! We appreciate any new members with a Welcome and be a part of our community as it grows!
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The Forgotten A French Based WW2 Server,Tensions are buliding up as Germany attacks czechslovakia,and soon enough poland. The Forgotten is mostly french based,but you can be other factions such as Polish Resistance,French Resistance,Americans,British,Etc. The RP usually starts off in random timelines,as this server has no specfic timeline setted up. We'll slowly uncover each and every story of every armies,one by one.
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Pokemon swsh community focused mainly on battles
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✨ Welcome to Sword Art Online - Alfheim!✨ We are a developing server based on the anime, Sword Art Online. Come make a character, choosing your race, make some new friends! to duel, adventuring and story developing! We all enjoy it to see some creativity so this is all friendly bases ✨What we have to offer?✨ - Fun Adventures - Creativity: Picking any fairy you want!~ - Basic Math for a battle to level up!~ - Making New Friends! - Enjoying Each Other
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