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Sword and Shield Pokemon Generation services! Come find out more!
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Giveaways, Events and trading!
Gaming | Role-Playing
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Gaming | Community
We are a Pokemon Sword and Shield server specializing in Max Raid Battles! From 1 star to 5 star GMax raids, come host or attend raids! We love shinies too! New to the raiding scene? We'll teach you!
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Welcome to Hosting Paradise! This is a place for hosters to relax, get away, and chat with other hosters and other cool people! We have a pokemon league, other fun bots and games, and strive to be a community for pokemon related fun.
Gaming | Community
A Pokémon Sword & Shield dedicated server that offers SysBot, giveaways, tournaments, buying, etc! Get all your ✨shiny✨ Pokémon here!
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The Game Corner is a user friendly server who strives to provide endless hours of communication. You get a DAILY chance to get 6 master balls while trying your hand at facing our gym league. We do provide a genning service on the side for those who may be interested. We are open for ideas and take everything the community says into consideration. We hope to see you soon.
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A Pokémon Trading Server That Supports Any Pokémon Game That Still Gets Wifi Support
Gaming | Social
Free Sysbot to use for Gens/Clones/Seeds on Pokemon Sword and Shield!
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A Pokemon Sword/Shield Genning Service free to use for everyone, join the warm and welcoming community today :)
This is a New server for Clash Of Clans. Created for the Clans Rusted Shield, Rusted Shield 2, And The newest 2021 edition Rusted Shield 3.
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We are a Pokémon league server that focuses on Gen 8 (Nintendo Switch) battling. Join us to prove yourself, meet other like-minded trainers, learn about competitive battling, and for chances to win giveaways!