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Gaming | Community
Sunyshore City in the Sinnoh Region. We strive to provide not only quality battles for our pokemon trainers but also super contests for those who may not be as interested in battling. Take on our Frontier Challenge and work your way up to take on the Frontier Brains or collect contest ribbons to compete against our Grand Coordinator. You can even join the fun in our Game Corner and gamble karp coins to win fabulous prizes. But be careful, something sinister is lurking in the shadows... As a server we strive to not only have some fun battles and contests but to create a non-toxic community for everyone to enjoy. We offer as much of an immersive experience as we can, whether it’s through server events, tourneys, or an ongoing server storyline. We hope to see you!
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Do you have Pokemon Sword and/or Shield? You can trade and battle in a small, but growing community. Compete in tournaments to see who's the best, and work together with others to complete the Pokedex! Showcase your team, shinies, art, and more!
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Gaming | Anime
A brand new community for Pokemon trading and battles, as well as hanging out!
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Gaming | Anime | Hobbies
The Game Corner is a user friendly server who strives to provide endless hours of communication. You get a DAILY chance to get 6 master balls while trying your hand at facing our gym league. We do provide a genning service on the side for those who may be interested. We are open for ideas and take everything the community says into consideration. We hope to see you soon.