The time has come for conflict to reign supreme! It is time to battle for ultimate supremacy! It is time... for the EMD Pokémon League! Muster your courage! Assemble your team! Prepare to claim the title of the EMD Pokémon League Champion! Compete against other trainers and earn your badges against Gym Leaders and challenge the Elite Four to earn the right to fight the Champion! The battle for ultimate bragging rights begins now! Win fabulous giveaway prizes! Compete in special holiday tournaments! And take on the Champion’s Cup! Come join the EMD Pokémon League! (League will take place in the Sword/Shield games. Fabulousness of prizes is subjective.) This server is a spinoff of Eevee's Mystery Dungeon.
The Owner of this discord sells SHINY foreign 6IVs Dittos and any other SHINY custom pokemon (including Legendary) here. It won't hurt to join the server to see the prices!!!! I HOPE TO SEE YOU NEXT TIME IN THE SERVER
The place to find Max Raids in Pokemon Sword & Shield
We're a very large and popular Discord server for the Pokemon Sword and Shield games. We offer Trading, Raids, Competitive Coaching and a Middlemanning service for trading. We are over 12,000 active members and are still continuing to grow.
Giveaways, Events and trading!
A place to exchange friend codes and organize raids, trades, and battles, or just hang out. Not too strict, not too stuffy, we're just here to have fun.
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A Community for Pokemon.
✨A Friendly place to share your Art and talk about Pokemon!✨Pokemon Sword & Shield✨[Dec 12th]Currently Hosting a Fun Tournament✨Pokemon Draft League✨
I make pokemon genned exactly to your desire, for low and negotiable prices. Pokemon sword and shield only, so feel free to join!
DAILY GIVEAWAYS STARTING SOON, JOIN NOW!!! PokemartV2 has the cheapest prices when it comes to selling Pokemon. We have EVERY Pokemon you could ever want. We sell everything from legionaries, dittos and shiny Pokemon. Do you want to make the ultimate team or add some awesome Pokemon to your collection. Well join us! Don't be wasting your time with hunting Pokemon, we are an extremely fast service that delivers up to 24 hrs. **Note, this is not a trading server**
Pokemon sword and shield.
Welcome to Shiny Emporium, the best Discord mega-server created for all your shiny hunting needs. We feature channels dedicated to giveaways, donations, and other topics. Join today!
Friendly for all ages Pokemon Sword and Shield oriented server. We cater to all previous Pokemon games too! Frequent giveaways and fun content every week!
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This is a pokemon shop we sell pokemon in bundles for games on the 3ds and nintendo switch you can also discuss pokemon with other people on the server if you plan to buy any pokemon while on the server please read the buying information
>Friendly Server >Pokemon Sword and Shield, Let's Go!, TemTem, Minecraft, and more! >Trade, battle, chat, tournaments, and more! >2,100+ members >YouTuber + Streamer roles available (DM Owner) >Creating our own Pixelmon server!