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A community based around a Pokémon Showdown League, which works exactly like the one in the main series games. Challenge our Gym Leaders, the Elite Four and become the Champion! In addition to that, you can also do the general stuff; chill in the chats, roleplay, share art & memes etc. Welcome!
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A server for MASK Gaming YouTube Channel based on a MMO game named Pokemon Revolution Online.
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Who should join? -Those of you who like Pokemon (battling and/or the series itself). YOU CAN BECOME A GYM LEADER :muscle::skin-tone-5: -Those who would like to play Minecraft (Windows 10/ Xbox/ PE and PC edition, maybe have our own SERVER) :crossed_swords: -Those who like to play Roblox (why not?)-Artist who would like to share their pictures with others. I (might need help with icons and banners) :robot: Why should you join? This server, I believe, will grow to become something acceptable. As more players join the more competitive you and other players can get. What the server has? This server has many fun a interesting channels, Pokecord, UnbelievaBoat which is a bot that allows you to gain money and buy items and roles from the server shop, Tatsumaki, Mee6 which gives a ranking system for the server, and much more later! Yes, WE PARTNER!
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Yes? Good! Pokemon Showdown is our choice. We're active, we have gym leaders, and occasionally we have fun too. Come check us out! challenge our gyms, or see if you have what it takes to become one! We have a Unique Pokemon role play game as well as Pokecord for those times between match's!
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>> This is a prestige edition Pokemon Showdown server + more! >> Help you climb the Pokemon Showdown ladder!!! >> Find people to play Pokemon Showdown or Pokecord with! >> Discuss about Pokemon Showdown! >> This is also an awesome community with great citizens and friendly staff! Auto notifications of new videos by pokeaimMD! Cool pro bots - Pokecord, Dank Memer, MEE6, Rythm etc! OFFICIAL PARTNER SERVER OF ADVERTISEMENT HUB! -------------------------------- [ POKEMON SHOWDOWN ] -------------------------------- --------------------- [ P O K E C O R D ] --------------------- See you there, hf and be friendly! <3 Note: We are very new and need great members like YOU to join!
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This server is made off the site pokemon showdown. We host many tournaments and fun custom game modes everyday. Join to play these tours with us. Hope to see you there.
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A Showdown and WiFi League with 4 League systems played in National Dex, OU and Ubers.