Gaming | Role-Playing
In this server we are all about Pokémon. We have our own region to explore just like the games. We also do tournaments, giveaways, draft leagues, and much more! Check us out
Community | Gaming
Welcome to Gracidea Garden! This is a new discord server so it is currently small, but I hope to grow a nice community that is kind and friendly and loves pokemon. On this server there are: - Various roles that show information about you and how you play - A levelup system with perks for each stage of levelup - An emphasis on kindness - Channels for trading and battling in pokemon - Future events once the server grows such as giveaways, art contests, tournaments, a gym challenge system, a draft league, and more - Completely SFW server - LGBT+ positive and friendly - All ages welcome Come join and help the server develop a community! I hope to see you here!
Gaming | Community
A Showdown and WiFi League with 4 League systems played in National Dex, OU and Ubers.