Community | Gaming
Welcome to Gracidea Garden! This is a new discord server so it is currently small, but I hope to grow a nice community that is kind and friendly and loves pokemon. On this server there are: - Various roles that show information about you and how you play - A levelup system with perks for each stage of levelup - An emphasis on kindness - Channels for trading and battling in pokemon - Future events once the server grows such as giveaways, art contests, tournaments, a gym challenge system, a draft league, and more - Completely SFW server - LGBT+ positive and friendly - All ages welcome Come join and help the server develop a community! I hope to see you here!
Gaming | Entertainment
An interactive Pokemon Showdown Draft League server, with many other quirks such as: Team Building, Custom Pokedex, Town of Salem, Pixelmon and more!
Gaming | Community
A Showdown and WiFi League with 4 League systems played in National Dex, OU and Ubers.