Gaming | eSports
The Pokemon Trainer League is now open! We are establishing a new Pokemon Sword & Shield community dedicated to helping everyone, having fun with our Pokemon, and encouraging everyone to play freely however they want.
Anime | Meme
My fellow pikachus you can join the pikachu nation, you can be a normal human and join, but if you wanna become a pikachu and get special permissions change either your name or pfp to pikachu WE ARE THE PIKACHUS! We have bunch of bots to play around with, very epic server
Gaming | Anime
Comunidad hispana de Pokémon. ¡Visita nuestro servidor!
Gaming | Anime | Community
A new Pokémon server where members interact, battle, trade, and play across different platforms! Giveaways and Tournaments are our favorite features! Join Today for a friendly experience! Catch em’ all, trainer!
Gaming | eSports
We're a server that loves Nintendo and hosts events and tourneys for cash prizes.
Anime | Hobbies
catch pokemon. Play with your friends. make battles and duells. be the best. HAVE FUN!!!
Gaming | Community
This is a server with a welcoming community. We have a wide variety of channels and categories to accommodate everyone's needs and desires. If your a Pokemon fan then this will be the server you will love to join. We have poke cord,mewbot,pokeverse, dank memes and so much more. Most importantly we love to giveaway special prizes to our community like nitro, gift cards and poke credits. If this sounds like your kind of community we would love to have you. Just come ready for fun and engagement with other trainers.
Gaming | Meme
This is a brand new pokecord server where we catch Pokemon battle them, trade them level them up to make them stronger and also have giveaways.
Entertainment | Anime
Pokemon Atrapalos Ya
Gaming | Social
Like Pokemon? Like Pokemon Sword and Shield? Like shiny hunting? Max raid battles? Battling? Trading? Giveaways? Making new friends? Chatting with friends? Join this server! It's active with lots of people hosting raids constantly! And everyone is so friendly!
Gaming | Community
Hallo, Gestatten? Unser neuestes Mitglied in der PokéMetropole. DU. Stell dir vor du wachst eines Tages als Pokémon auf! Du bist plötzlich in einer vollkommen NEUEN METROPOLE, in der du mit Freunden reden, schreiben und interagieren kannst! Das Abenteuer beginnt damit, dass du die dich den anderen bei uns vorstellst und wir dich kennenlernen können, wie auch du unsere wirklich grandiose Community kennen lernen kannst. Doch was ist deine wahre Rolle in der PokéMetropole?!? Das ist das wirkliche Mysterium... Du kannst dich bei uns auf alle Fälle über alles Neues und auch Altes über Pokémon austauschen. Egal ob die Spiele auf den Konsolen gemeint sind oder auch das Pokémon Sammelkartenspiel, wir sind für alles da.
Gaming | Streaming
Welcome to SeVeR’s CSB Arena! This is a Discord Smash Bros Ultimate server for the Twitch streamer chargeshotbot! Fight and talk to your heart’s content and join my streams!
Role-Playing | Anime
Hey! I made my own Pokemon Server. I offer 24/7 Shiny Raids for Pokémon Sword and Shield, help for everything and a whole discord server for everything around Pokémon! I hope we can build up a friendly Community!