With the reintroduction of several Legendary and Mythical Pokemon in the Crown Tundra, we will be playing in the Galar Dex Ubers format in our upcoming Draft Season.

This will be a points draft, where each Pokémon is given a points value from 20-200, each Coach gets One Uber Pokemon.

Our 16 man draft is split into 2 divisions of 8 coaches each. The main season will last 7 Weeks, followed by 3 rounds of playoffs.

All battles will be played on Pokemon Showdown.

Applications will remain open for the next week. We hope to start drafting mid-late November.

We also have 3 other league systems which you can sign up for at any time - check them out in our league guide in the server!

Tier List: https://draft-league.nl/public/pages/leaguetier.php?league=65 Draft Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UCXCEn55EqAr1nSmcLWAxyroF8rcPl5CTcFTSnAMFw0/edit?usp=sharing Application Form: https://forms.gle/mCtocbXUGeFRFzGm6