Community | Fitness
Games'n'Gains; This server works much like an e-mag, with rss feeds on a vast array of topics such as; Working Out, Gym, Calisthenics, Health,. Fitness, Healthy Recipes, Including Diet or Bulking Plans, Healthy Recipes and much more so also find the time to search for answers via the discords search bar. Also, a Now Live channel that promotes a wide variety of streamers and youtubers, and we also post when members go 'live'.
Fitness | Community | Sports
We are the best Fitness Server on discord. Join to confirm it yourself.
Fitness | Sports
FitLand is a server which gives a possibility to it members to interact with each other, get instant help, advice and everything they would need when it comes to working out.
Community | Fitness
A place for calisthenics athletes and sports lovers to feel free to explore, share, socialize, help yourself and others with feedback, and of course express your own creativity. My dream is to create a family of calisthenics athletes at all levels, beginner, intermediate, pro where we can build each other.
Sports | Fitness
Server noch im Aufbau - actual under construction -
Fitness | Sports
Welcome to the cycling hub discord server! I have made this server because I saw a lack of healthy discord servers, especially for cycling. so here it is a discord server for cycling. so here you can chat about cycling give each other tips and tricks etc... You need to go to the rules and read them carefully after you have read them click on the verify text and you will enter the server. Now enjoy!
Social | Fitness
Hi! This server is for horse-back riders and people interested in horse-back riding to converse, share stories, and send photos. All disciplines are welcome! This is a 13+ server.
Education | Fitness
A community dedicated to various areas of self-improvement in life: mental health, fitness, relationships, entrepreneurship, and more. We have an active base of people who are willing to help you reach the goals you are aiming for.
Gaming | Fitness
The Stronggamers server is powered by and its a place for our community to chill and chat all things bodybuilding and gaming/fitness! We have influencers, pro gamers, personal trainers, nutritionists and of course awesome staff & members!
Fitness | Anime
girl? boy? losing weight? bulking up? doesn't matter, get in here and make some friends!!
Role-Playing | Fitness
Hey! Our IP: ( all 1.16.1: Skyblock Survival Creative with Free WorldEdit Hong Kong Disneyland with Rides!
Fitness | Sports
Swimming is a small and friendly server where are discuss swimming news, workouts, technique, and more.
Fitness | Community
Fitness | Community
A server specializing in workouts, nutrition, fitness, and more. The best training server. Make your dreams come true with us!
Community | Fitness
A friendly community consisting of gym-goers. If you are also a gym-regular or are thinking of joining the gym, join us! -Gym help -Workout plans -Diet and nutrition -Memes
Fitness | Science
A place to discuss all topics related to longevity. Diet, fasting, exercise, supplements, scientific breakthroughs, etc.
Community | Fitness
A positive, support-based community for people focused on health, adapting a healthier lifestyle, weight-loss, muscle building, and everything in between. Whether you need to lose 5 pounds or 100 pounds, or just looking to eat better, this is the server for you. Learn about different eating lifestyles and share fun and exciting exercises with each other as we all continue to grow and become the version of ourselves we want to be.
Fitness | Community
The only server without misinformation with answers easily fact-checkable.
Music | Fitness
The purpose of this server to meet people to play games, share/create music and talk about fitness.
Fitness | Growth
A place to talk about your weight loss goals through weight loss surgery. Anything from the gastric balloons to gastric bypass, all conversations are welcome. We share progress, recipes, and answer questions to people still in the planning stages. Whether you've had, are having, or are thinking about weight loss surgery, join us for a welcoming community.
Science | Fitness
This server is a place to get out of your head and gain awareness, consciousness, and peace through reality. Topics are all science, sustainability, DIY, wildlife, and more. The concept of reality is to put aside your belief systems and use your senses and logic to form observations about the world around you.
Fitness | Support
Meditation and breathing techniques
Community | Fitness
Vegan Dating. Vibe and find your plant-based soulmate.
Fitness | Financial
fitness eğitim uzaktan eğitim bilgi verme soru sorma
Fitness | Gaming
Fitness | Hobbies
Global Geocaching Discord!
Gaming | Fitness
Basically a community for Roblox that gives away nitro and other stuff. :D
Community | Fitness
Serveur dédié à la course à pied, pour les débutants et ceux qui veulent progresser. Venez profiter des conseils de chacun.
Meme | Fitness
minimalism, anarchy, customization
Fitness | Community
Stop smoking and drinking alcohol
Community | Fitness
Are you interested in skincare, haircare, makeup, fashion, nutrition, fitness, books, mental health, or overall self-improvement? Then this is the server for you.
Education | Fitness
Join us to talk about Physical Therapy and the application process. This server includes Q/A session, case studies and gaming with current Physical Therapy students as well as Physical Therapy applicants. Feel free to share and use current posted resources involving the GRE, Physical Therapy schools, admittance essays and academic information.
Community | Fitness
This discord was created for those interested in NoFap, Semen Retention, Celibacy and Spirituality.
Fitness | Entertainment
Unofficial r/bodybuilding server. All lifters welcome!
Fitness | Community
💪Team Bicep💪 The discord server for: - Fitness - Nutrition - Health (lifestyle) - Sports - Community and much more! Team Bicep is growing every day. And people in the server are given benefits for the applications coded by the parent company Oga Fit. Join now, see for yourself 💪
Fitness | Community
An 18+ server for those stuck at home and wanting to stay or get fit!