Enter the company where the BOFH and the PFY works in and take sneak peeks into the commsroom.
Enter the company where the BOFH and the PFY works in and take sneak peeks into the commsroom.
Cloud Dwellers is a weeb based server for anybody who just wants to relax, hang out, have fun and talk about their favorite fandoms!
Camp Half-Blood is a Percy Jackson inspired roleplaying server from the author Rick Riordan where you can roleplay as a demigod, nymph, satyr, or centaur! We pride ourselves in our long and literate roleplays! We have strict character description and roleplay guidelines, so please check with our rules first to see if this is the right server for you! -- Many channels to roleplay in! -- Highly detailed roleplays & character descriptions! -- LGBTQ+ friendly & active! Age 14+! -- Choose from over 50 unique Greek Gods/Goddesses to be the demigod of! -- A very large variety of powers for every godly parent, even for ones like Ares, Hermes, Artemis, & Athena! -- Pick from a multitude of different locations to roleplay! -- Battle against friends in our well-known Capture the Flag game! -- Bring along a friend or two to embark on a quest of your own! -- Easily create a character in the span of a few minutes with the help of our staff!
Smunchy Games a tabletop games publishing company. We play everything from your favorite tabletop RPG to board games. D&D being a favorite. We are also creating Paths: World of Adia TTRPG
Hello! This is a server for roleplaying cartoons, anime, video games, and anything animated! We are a chat-based server (semi-literate/literate on request) and we are all about having fun! Everybody here is friendly and we can't wait to meet you/roleplay with you! RULES: -No NSFW -LGBTQ+ friendly -Have fun! <3
•CupTown• Een superleuke fake Minetopia server, verdien je weg naar de top! Met leuke role play! 🏡Towny 🎥 role play 🔫 storyline 🏦 Verdien geld! 🔨 bouw je eigen bedrijf 🏛 Word president! 💣 elke dag give aways! Join snel!
Here's a new community! We have roleplay channels, meme channels... It's empty, for now. But the server will be more and more active as people join. And I will make more channels as time goes on. I'm usually in school, so sometimes I can't reply. Just wait, I will response ASAP. Well, just give it a try!
a server based on a different roleplay server, owned by the same person. this server offers more creativity and freedom than the original, but in turn has less things to work with. will you prefer character limits, or usage limits? knowing that will help you decide,
a small fantasy rp server with a free and open rp. we're currently looking for people who don't mind a brand new, almost empty server
Welcome to our Community! we are a unique, kind, non-toxic community that spills the royal tea and hosts roleplay events! we have a trading channel in preparation for the new update!
21+ non-ERP hub dedicated to three settings: sci-fi aliens DnD 5E tabletop, modern magic in Chicago with vampires, fae, wizards, and shapeshifters with our own, original lore, and Dragon Age.
21+ non-ERP hub dedicated to three settings: sci-fi aliens DnD 5E tabletop, modern magic in Chicago with vampires, fae, wizards, and shapeshifters with our own, original lore, and Dragon Age.
Hello, You have been invited to the Exodus Roleplay Garry's Mod Server What do we offer? CUSTOM UNBOX SYSTEM Amazing Guns/Suits CUSTOM DJ BOOTHS Moonshine Pizza Chef PyroTechnic Security Tech TrashMan Lean Firework Maker CarePackages Meth Cook Weed Grower 0 Lag/Delay Active Staff Spells & More
We are a ROBLOX community named CDOJ, short for California Department of Justice. We offer a wide selection of departments including: Dispatcher, DPS, BCSO, PBSO, BCFR, and many more. Come join us to Roleplay in our VERY OWN game. We are fairly new so please excuse any uncompleted/errors in the server. Have Fun!
A fun place to roleplay with almost any character from anything that isn't too op!
There were three, Rhuagi, god of protection, Zitune, goddess of magic, and Zarlos, the god of all things involving death. This fantasy world allows you to continue the story. Will you help end the war? Will you be a high up in the knights of a kingdom? The choice is yours.
Welcome to AnotherTale: Timeline II! AnotherTale is set after the events of undertale where monsters and humans live in harmony! This server has many soul types to choose from and you may come up with any type of magic to use as long as it follows the rules!
The world of Sintle was a peaceful world, filled with creatures of fantasy. Then came the gods, they changed the land and created the humans, these humans were flawed and were born as greedy people, they waged wars on each other and soon brought war upon their creators.
Welcome to New Odyssey! We are a Jcink Based Roleplay site that is focused on mythology and supernatural creatures. You can play a deity, creature, demigod, and more from your favorite myths and pantheons. We are really active and have a friendly staff and awesome members! All the roleplay takes place on JCINK but we have some ICC channels as well once you are accepted!
Hi, and welcome to Pastel Throne! This is a 14+ (25 cap) community and is a comfortable spot for you and all your friends to come and hang around in! This is a server based on friendship and the safety of others, which is why we chose to be 100% SFW. We are a supportive group of individuals who is not judgmental, only here to help in the ways that we are able to. These are just a few things that our server currently has to offer you: ❥Friendly text chats and voice chats࿐˚♡ ❥A lot of bots ranging from music bots, yui for pda, catching Pokémon with pokécord etc࿐˚♡ ❥A unique server theme as well as adorable emotes࿐˚♡ ❥Preschool classes with assignments࿐˚♡ ❥Specific chats dedicated to certain roles࿐˚♡ ❥A friendly and toxic free environment.࿐˚♡ ❥Pingable roles for support, babysitters and such࿐˚♡ ❥Storytime vc, movie nights etc࿐˚♡ We encourage you all to join in and meet others; everyone is as friendly as we hope you are. All are welcome.
RWBY: Second Generation takes place twenty years after the original canon. Join up to find some new friends and create fresh, somewhat original stories with others! We're a new server looking for members. Please, do give us a try!
Midnight Marauders is an 18+ community for like minded adults to socialize, meet new people and share content! We have both SFW and NSFW aspects and anyone over the age of 18 is welcome!
Midnight Marauders is an 18+ community for like minded adults to socialize, meet new people and share content! We have both SFW and NSFW aspects and anyone over the age of 18 is welcome!
Server for the Post-Apocalypse RPG "Maximum Apocalypse RPG" aka MARPG, that covers ALL the conceivable apocalypses in one semi-gonzo, mid-crunchy d100 system of pulp fun. WARNING: Includes Aliens, Bandits, Kaiju, Killer Robots, Mutants, Supernatural Horrors, and Zombies.
Good morning agents! Overwatch is back! An RP server based on the Overwatch universe, we look for active and sociable roleplayers
Galaxy Roleplay 16+ GalaxyRP är en nystartad server. Vi har en bra rp nivå på servern med ungefär 120 + whitelistade. Vi är en seriös server där spelare på servern kan påverka väldigt mycket, vi tillämpar vårat arbete på servern efter spelarnas önskemål. Vill du starta upp ett gäng med eget klubbhus? Vill du spela på en server med inget lagg? Då har du kommit rätt. **Vad erbjuder vi?** - 32 Slots. - Whitelist. - Inget lagg på servern. - Aktiva, seriösa & erfarna staffs. - 16 + [Undantag] - Svenska poliskläder. - Svenska ambulans kläder. - Lediga chefsjobb. - Seriösa spelare. - Unika scripts. - iPhone 8. - Motell. - Gäng [ MC, Maffia, MS13 och Shottaz. [ KLUBBHUS TILL ALLA GÄNG ] - Låg ekonomi. Vi söker också staff + personer till alla chefs jobben, btw. Välkommen till oss!
Our story loosely follows the Daybreak Entertainment game, DC Universe Online. Delve right in to a community with accessible lore, and a mixture of canon and original characters. Be a vigilante stopping thieves in Gotham or an Apokoliptian general laying waste to Metropolis or anything in between!
It's been 3,000 years since the holy war and the demon's sealing has finally come to an end, the ten commandments run rogue throughout the streets, who will be the ones to stop them? Take forth in this Seven Deadly Sins collaborative novel where all characters are original and the storyline brand new and where races like Dragons and Vampires are thrown in the mix as well! Probably one of the only servers where all canon characters are replaced with OCs of our own. In this server we offer... - Over 50 RP channels fully organized - Balanced templates for characters to ensure no god-modding - Friendly and fun community - Permission to kill rule - Fully organized roles - All characters are completely original And more to come! But seeing it with your own eyes will explain it better then I can, join today and see what we're all about! Please note we're in the middle of reviving the server so there are a lot of dead users in the offline list, this does not mean we're dead, however.
This is a 'cops' vs 'robbers' roleplay where the good guys vs. bad guys and the city hangs in the balance. Each side gets a chat to plot in without the other side being able to see, allowing for plans and plotting. From there, it's all up to you what occurs next.
World of Marin is a Medieval Low-Fantasy Discord that relies on YOUR contributions to our well 5 year old, fleshed out and completely interactive world!
Welcome to UA Academy! If you've been looking for an MHA RP server, then this'll be your final stop! Our server is an OC RP server, where you create your own characters, quirks, and play as them. This server is for people 18 and older, to ensure a consistent, and safe environment for all involved. All you have to do to get started on a fun server, is to join. We're a new server and we can't wait to get new members.
Au cœur de ces contrées, tu y trouveras différentes nations sous l'égide impitoyable d'un Monarque doté d'une puissance dépassant toute espérance. Un être remplie d'infamie se jouant de ses peuples comme de simples pantins, comment ? En leur forçant à voyager et à braver différents dangers comme des zones hostiles ou même des donjons infernaux pour rapporter le plus de points possibles, la nation ayant le moins de points se retrouvera totalement éradiquée de la surface de l'Edoriaun et une nouvelle nation naîtra sur les cendres de l'ancienne... Que compteras-tu faire ? Te plier aux ordres du Monarque ou bien te rebeller ? Seras-tu la personne qui sauvera l'Edoriaun ou bien prendras-tu juste la place de l'ancien Tyran ?
Midnight Menagerie is an immersive, member-driven, literate RP community with stories in the supernatural, fantasy, and horror realms.
Midnight Menagerie is an immersive, member-driven, literate RP community with stories in the supernatural, fantasy, and horror realms.
Lore . . . https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_goyzZOXc9ud_MTSoXF0Yj-l_RMR9oHxgjakAxylsHQ
This server may be new however we hope you all enjoy it thoroughly! ^^ The server is a mixture of futuristic, medieval and modern technologies with supernatural forces to enhance the experience.
Multiple RP channels included but not limited to Supernatural academy, medieval, and finding a partner for private roleplay.
A geopolitics server starting in the year 2020! Roleplay as a small nation or a large superpower as the world progresses through its vast cities, growing militaries, and changing world. Forge alliances and work together to unite the world under one united flag through peace, or challenge and intimidate others as you work your way to world domination. Explore vast space and opportunities in the Information Era playing as a country, political figure, corporation, or even a rebellion. How will you shape this Modern World?
A discord server for SCP fans, or anyone interested in the SCP foundation to roleplay and discuss.
We are inviting you back on Outlawed Veterans Roleplay Server we are back on Takistan now , join us today and be part of our community on Takistan Life Server , by us you will experience much more of Roleplay Gameplay with Active Staff Team.
This server is purely for combat RP - Balanced in a way so that no matter what OC you have, you can still win. This is a secondary server to Lands of Evil, however, all are welcome, this will be used for both event purposes and just regular 1 on 1 team battles organized by whoever wants to fight.
Freeform Marvel RPG with with a focus on mutants and predominantly street-level powers, open to both canon and OCs. Very LGBTQ+ and POC friendly! Check out our wiki: https://xmenrevolution.com/wiki/X-Men:_rEvolution
welcome to a world where fairies and supernatural beings where anthros, elves, fairies, humans, dragons and all supernatural beings live together. there is one catch. the entire population are diapered. we have perks including easy access to sister servers perks: -easy access to sister servers -like minded friends -meeting awesome people -fun -emojies pending