Learn, teach and roll in games with other Roll20 users and become a master of the Virtual Tabletop!
Literally THE most active server on Discord. Find out why.
♗The MCC is an online chess club not a server. ♘Our goal is to connect chess players around the world. ♕ We offer, FREE lectures from titled players (As often as we can afford). ♖ Friendly & fair moderators and staff. ♔ Helpful community of active members. ♙ We can't wait to have you as our newest member!
Heartwood is a 5e compatible fantasy role-playing campaign setting designed for new and veteran players alike. Explore the exotic world of Heartwood with groups of all sizes to discover new unique races, monsters, and spectacular flora.

 Join our Discord server for all things 5e homebrew.
The D20 Playground is a Dungeons & Dragons focused server for both players and Dungeon Masters to all come together and nerd out about their favourite game, Dungeons & Dragons! This is a newly created server with lots of growth to happen but my goal is to turn this server into a central hub for D&D players
A Sever Made For Having A Good Time And Great Ideas In Dungeons And Dragons. Enjoy Your Stay!
Discord & Dragons is a community server that focuses on tabletop RPG discussion. There are channels for players, dungeon masters, and artists. We strive to keep the community positive, and minimize toxic content. Check it out!
A server for Warhammer 40k fans in the Chicago Area for both table-top and lore other table top games are welcome!
A D&D server for no one in particular.
The official Discord of the Cycle and Dredge podcast network. All gaming, all geekdom, all the time!
Text Based DnD RPG Tabletop games
An isekai server where your character isn't strictly from Earth, but from a world of your choosing! Make your own OC, because we're interested in what you can do!
Manacrest is a physical & digital trading card game launching in Q1 of 2020. We're live on Kickstarter!
A Dungeons & Dragons home where you can talk about D&D and search for games and just have fun and share your hobby. New to D&D? Why not learn here, a friendly community to learn, share and laugh.
Come hang out and discuss all things DND! This includes build optimization, homebrew, the Treantmonk variant, and discussion about Treantmonk's Temple youtube channel!
We play games n stuff
Welcome! The Bronze Dragon Tavern 2 is a discord just right for folks who want to play Dungeons & Dragons, talk about nerdy stuff, or just hang out! It would be our pleasure to have you in our fine establishment! So take a seat, grab a tankard and roll for initiative!!
The Largest and Most Active Server for D&D 5E Organized Play. Join us in the Adventurers League, learn to play, and discuss other TTRPGs.
Endurance Wargames is a wargaming server based in southern Ontario, Canada, which focuses on Warhammer 40,000 and the development of the custom Taurus Sector. If you want a nice place to chat, post army pictures, or help make the Taurus Sector a reality, join us!
Endurance Wargames is a wargaming server based in southern Ontario, Canada, which focuses on Warhammer 40,000 and the development of the custom Taurus Sector. If you want a nice place to chat, post army pictures, or help make the Taurus Sector a reality, join us!
Mobile Suit Gundam: Skirmish is a fan made tabletop game that uses 1/144 gunpla as figures. TTS mod is also present. Here you can search for people to play with, ask questions about the game, talk about gunpla and other random things, share gundam memes at last :D If you're a gundam or wargaming fan, join us and you'll not regret it!
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In the events of the Great Diamond War, comes An Aftermath. After the Diamond Authority split into two parts, the tension broke, Homeworld literally broke apart. There was a prophecy long before the Diamonds that stated, "The intersection of Light and Dark will bring calamity to our world." After the war, a treaty was signed that they could continue their colonies separately, but never take over another. Battles still occur, and the gems that followed this became known as Witches and Sages. The Sages followed White's command, while the Witches followed Black's command. Although they have so many differences, rebellions still occur. Although, Steven never exists, and Rose and Pink Diamond are two completely different gems. What path will you take?
The official Riotminds discord server! Headquartered in the domains between fantasy and horror RiotMinds is a traditional games publisher, managed by a small team of creative talent to serve the international market with role-playing games and board games.
Denver D&D Newbie Sessions is a Meetup Group that helps introduce D&D to new players and rekindle interest for those who haven't played in a long time.
Bun venit pe servarul nostru de discord, dedicat servarului de minecraft PigPixel
Tabletop Roleplaying Group - Pathfinder 2E, Starfinder, and Genesys
We want to make something cool together that includes: A very world of our own A simple mechanics system And a community around it who knows? we might actually play it
Gezellige samenkomst om te kletsen over games, bordspellen, TCG's. We hebben een webshopje en een minecraftserver draaien. Regio Rotterdam EO.
We are a kind active community who activily discusses DND, LARP, computer games and more.
A tabletop/video game discord with active community
ajedrez, chess
A community for Traditional Art, Digital Art, and Mini Painting. Come and share your work.