Midnight Menagerie is an immersive, member-driven, literate RP community with stories in the supernatural, fantasy, and horror realms.
Midnight Menagerie is an immersive, member-driven, literate RP community with stories in the supernatural, fantasy, and horror realms.
Hello! The Overpass (TOP) is at it's core a worldbuilding server intended for people who enjoy the art of worldbuilding. If you've ever thought of a fantastical world, that world can be expanded on and explored like a growing map. Check the server description for more info!
This is a 'cops' vs 'robbers' roleplay where the good guys vs. bad guys and the city hangs in the balance. Each side gets a chat to plot in without the other side being able to see, allowing for plans and plotting. From there, it's all up to you what occurs next.
Jesteśmy grupą patologicznych "role playowcuf" i jesteśmy z tego dumni. Dołącz do naszego kurwidołka już dziś! We are a group of pathologic "role players" and we are proud of it. Join our shithole today!
Writer's Block is an on-topic fiction-focused community that aims to provide a platform for writers of varying skill levels and goals to improve and motivate each other.
Rohan and the Wild Hills is a server dedicated to roleplay in Rohan, Dunland, Enedwaith, and their surrounds on the Laurelin LotRO server. Our goal is to connect players & characters who roleplay in these regions—whether native to these lands, settled from afar, or simply passing through. We promote events, plots, kinships, and more—anything that supports roleplay growth in these regions. We’ll discuss Rohirric and Dunlending culture, compare our experience RPing characters in these regions, and share more of our love for each—or either—land. We look forward to RPing with you! For Rohan! For Dunland!
A semi-traditional Warrior Cats RP Discord server!
A place for creatives to do their thing.
the writers’ corner is a cozy place for anyone interested in books, writing, and poetry galore! we're a young server that went public on 9/4/19. we offer: ~ endless writing advice channels ~ monthly book club ~ nanowrimo and preptober content is in development and will launch by end of sept come check it out!
For all animation fans, fic writers or fans of any form of geeky pop culture
A multiverse roleplay where you can play as characters from various different pieces of media, or your own original characters. The skies the limit, have fun!
Post-apocalyptic town with students in factions fighting against Ghouls to survive.
Wir sind ein Hotel, das erst seit kurzem eröffnet hat. Warum es nice ist, ein Gast im Hotel zu sein? ᐅ Eine super Community ᐅ Text- & Sprachchats ᐅ Eigene Sprachchats (mit Passwort nach Bedarf) ᐅ Musikbot Wir wünschen euch viel Spaß im Hotel!
Petit serveur discord ou on discute et on fera des giveaways dans le futur ^^
Здравствуй! Этот сервер целиком посвящен литературе: русской и зарубежной; нон-фикшн книгам, художественным произведениям и другим текстовым форматам. Здесь ты сможешь рассказать про книжки, понравившиеся тебе, и обсудить любимых авторов. Также участники сервера выбирают лучшие книги для совместного чтения и делятся впечатлениями во время и после того, как прочитали. Добро пожаловать!
A community of book lovers, we read multiple books together monthly as well as just talk about our favorite authors and genres. Multiple authors present who enjoy talking to their fans. Everyone is welcome!
This is the official server for StrikeTV.
World of Marin is a Medieval Low-Fantasy Discord that relies on YOUR contributions to our well 5 year old, fleshed out and completely interactive world!
Things you will see here: •Fun custom roles •Friendly and fair staff •User friendly bots •Organized and detailed channels •A variety of rank choices •Intricate plots •Semi-literate roleplaying
Genso Chronicles is server dedicated to Touhou Project canon. Each significant character, game, CD, and printwork has been (or will be*) summarized. Everything is organized for easy reading. Headcanons are avoided in favor of open interpretation. Our aim is to enrich others with knowledge, especially those who are not fully familiar with the canon. There are also several community channels for chatting, lore, sharing media, and discussing fanon. *Please note that the archive is constantly being updated. Not all channels are complete yet, but new information is added regularly.
Open world text based RP
Work on your book, not your memes.
Camp Half-Blood is a Percy Jackson inspired roleplaying server from the author Rick Riordan where you can roleplay as a demigod, nymph, satyr, or centaur! We pride ourselves in our long and literate roleplays! We have strict character description and roleplay guidelines, so please check with our rules first to see if this is the right server for you! -- Many channels to roleplay in! -- Highly detailed roleplays & character descriptions! -- LGBTQ+ friendly & active! Age 14+! -- Choose from over 50 unique Greek Gods/Goddesses to be the demigod of! -- A very large variety of powers for every godly parent, even for ones like Ares, Hermes, Artemis, & Athena! -- Pick from a multitude of different locations to roleplay! -- Battle against friends in our well-known Capture the Flag game! -- Bring along a friend or two to embark on a quest of your own! -- Easily create a character in the span of a few minutes with the help of our staff!
Light moderation, promoting a constructive and creative environment through our community, support for each other, and general empathy. Join us and share your creativity.
Real time, tavern style roleplay in a variety of settings.
The Errantur Outlands is a text-based Roleplaying Server on Discord, with a hybrid setting with some combined Steampunk and Fantasy elements, with a Victorian Stylised world as well. We have: - A custom set of Lore written up by the Owner and Co-Owner of the server, this includes: ~Races ~Factions ~Magic Types ~Technology ~A Written History Document. - Friendly staff and community waiting to help get you set up in the world we have created. - The ability to suggest and request your own additions to the Lore, to help mix the world into a truly one of a kind experience that is ever evolving as more and more Lore is dreamt up and created as time goes by. - A constantly updating and changing world and Lore. - An evolving and diverse world full of scenarios driven by each player that interacts within, along with events and happenings of a broader story arc created by the server staff on the horizon.